PandaStrong-Brand Ambassador Application
Welcome to the PANDASTRONG Family! We are so excited that you want to join our team. There are so many benefits to being apart of the Fam. Once we get your application you will get an email that welcomes you into one of our 3 programs!

1. Athlete Sponsorship - Generally provided to our Brand Ambassadors that show huge potential after 6 months or more on our Ambassador Team. You get 100% FREE Merch and your own income earning code.
2. Brand Ambassador- You get 15%-20% off all of our products all the time, AND your followers/ friends get 10% with your income/ commission earning coupon code.
3. Veterans & Essential Workers Discount- You get 20% off all of our apparel all the time.

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Are you an essential worker such working in the field of Police, Fire, Paramedic or Hospital staff? *
Are you a Canadian or American Veteran, or currently serve in the US or CAN military? *
Do you desire to have our Apparel designed with an image of you to promote yourself as an athlete? *
What are your 1, 2, and 5 year goals as an Athlete? *
What are your goals as a Personal Trainer, Strength Coach, Fitness Coach etc? (if applicable)
What is your full Legal Name *
What are your Instagram, TikTok handles? Website (if applicable) *
What is your birthdate? *
Do you compete in strength sports? *
What are your four favorite PandaStrong Apparel items in our store in what size and color? *
Are you a dance teacher, dancer, choreographer etc? *
Are you a Group Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, Strength Coach etc?
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What City, Province/State, Country do you currently reside in? *
What are you passionate about? *
What do you believe it means to be PandaStrong as a female athlete, and/ or as a female coach/trainer/instructor/choreographer etc? *
What do you want to see change for women in the culture of sports, recreation, and dance for women to be empowered and better supported? *
As a Brand Ambassador/ Influencer how do you want to better support/ empower all ages of athletes? *
What is your Shirt, Pant, Hoodie size etc? (for the purpose of sending you samples of PANDASTRONG merchandise) *
What is your mailing address? (for the purposes of sending you sample merchandise) *
What is your email address? *
What makes you an Elite Athlete (please list all world records, competition wins, brief competition history etc.) *
Do you agree to receive marketing, promotional emails etc from PANDASTRONG? *
What would you like your coupon code to be? (it can be 4-10 letters with no numbers) *
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