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We are accepting applications on a rolling basis through March 31st, 2019, at latest. However, it's possible that this form closes sooner or later depend on our lineups, so please complete this as soon as possible if you'd like to be considered.

Accepted speakers will be contacted for further on boarding process. And please note that speaker participation is not related to sponsorship participation. If your company wants to participate as sponsor please contact our business development team [ ].

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We'd love to hear from you on what talks you'd be passionate to give! Generally, talks at #TIAPDC2019 are around 45 minutes. But do you have something else in mind? Do you have something creative in mind you'd like to suggest? Share the title (or titles) of potential talks that you've been itching to give. If you have an idea for more than one talk, please number them -- but limit them to just 2-3 ideas at most.
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Now, give us a sense of how you'd describe this talk. In no more than 2-3 sentences, give us an overview of your talk. If you have descriptions for more than one talk, please number them.
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Let us know what other conferences or meetups you've spoken at. If you haven't given a talk at a larger conference before, that's OK! Even if it's a meetup, be sure to share it with us here
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We want to know those past talks you've given by sharing a link to them here (If any).
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Is the speaker interested to participate in DevTalk (Roadshow to campuses and local communities) before the conference?
The pre-activities will be part of TIA PDC 2019 journey to engage wider audience including young talents and local communities for developer & product people. We'll start the pre-activities on Feb and it will be ended on March 2019.
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