These policies shall guide the participants’ behavior during their stay at the University of Idaho McCall Field Campus (MFC). The primary purpose of these policies is to ensure the safety and well being of all participants in your group and all participants of McCall Outdoor Science School residential programs.

1) Use good judgment and practice common courtesy – it is likely that you are sharing campus with others.
2) Please conserve energy and water on campus. Turn down the heaters and turn off the lights when leaving accommodations and meeting spaces. Make sure faucets and showers are turned off.
3) Please use our trash and recycling facilities and refrain from littering.
4) MOSS observes City of McCall quiet hours: 11 p.m. through 7 a.m. Friday evening through Sunday morning and 10 p.m. through 7 a.m. Sunday evening through Friday morning.
5) Campfires are permitted in designated areas only and only when there is no snow on campus. Have water readily available and put the fire out completely before leaving the fire area.
6) Gas, kerosene and other flammable materials are not to be used on campus. You may use camp stoves and grills on the Dining Lodge deck only.
7) Do not move equipment or other program and campus items unless you have permission from MOSS.
8) When there are no MOSS Residential Programs on campus, consumption of alcohol is permitted by persons of legal age and in private accommodations only. Distribution, possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages are prohibited in all public areas.
9) While there is a MOSS Residential Program on campus, alcoholic beverages are not permitted on campus, in any building thereon, or at any function sanctioned by the University of Idaho either on or off campus. Possession, use, ownership, or sale is included in this prohibition.
10) Smoking is permitted behind the Dining Lodge by the dumpsters; otherwise, no smoking in any MFC building or anywhere on campus. Dispose of smoking supplies appropriately.
11) Parents/guardians are responsible for the behavior of their children. Do not put yourself in the position of being alone with a minor that is not in your guardianship.
12) Handling of any type of fire-protection equipment, including alarms, hoses, extinguishers, spray heads, etc., is strictly forbidden except when fire emergencies require. You are required to participate fully in fire drills and to respond to any fire alarm.
13) Firearms:
a) Authorized permit holders are allowed by Idaho law and University of Idaho policy to carry concealed firearms on the UIMFC except in housing units.
b) Authorized permit holders are required by University policy to keep their firearms concealed, maintaining control of their firearm on or about their person. University policy prohibits storage of firearms in vehicles on University property.
c) The UIMFC cannot store firearms for any visitor.
d) While the UIMFC and the MOSS program comply with Idaho law and UI policy, it is not possible for authorized permit holders to exercise the concealed carry right and perform as a MOSS chaperone or visit overnight in other capacities.
e) For questions concerning this policy, please refer to the University of Idaho Administrative Procedures Manual 95.12 - Firearms or contact the Office of Public Safety and Security:; e-mail:
14) Dangerous devices, such as gas-powered weapons, slingshots, knives with blades over four inches, switchblades, etc., are prohibited.
15) No guest pets.
16) MOSS program equipment and other program and campus items are to be used only with explicit permission from program staff and with a proper use agreement and waiver in place. Violation of this request may be construed as theft of property.
17) Groups are responsible and will be held accountable for any damage resulting from actions of the group or individuals attending the event.
18) While there is a MOSS Residential Program on campus, individuals and group participants are required to wear a name tag on campus at all times.

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