This is a short survey intending to collect information on private topics, such as the genders we were assigned at birth.

It's open to anyone whose gender defies/transcends/otherwise doesn't fit the gender binary, and who can therefore honestly check the box below.

This survey contains questions that ask about personal and private topics, but those questions have a "prefer not to say" option, and there are no questions that force answers anywhere in the survey.

The survey will close at noon UK time on Sunday 17th March 2019. I'll use the results to find out if another more accurate and complete survey is both viable and useful. If I get enough responses and the analysis is any good, I'll blog a report.

I am aware that this survey is open to bias, and I will include information about that in a final report. If you would like to tell me about any biases that I may not have considered, please do so in the feedback box at the end.

I've never run a survey asking about gender assigned at birth before, so I'm doing the best I can to word it sensitively and inclusively, but if I mess up please do let me know in the feedback box at the end.

If at any point you wish to stop taking part you can close the tab. Your answers will only be saved and submitted if you get to the end and click the "submit" button.

Thank you!

-- @cassolotl

On privacy and security
This is a Google Form. I am unable to add anything to protect your privacy and security. The spreadsheet of results available to me identifies participants by timestamp and doesn't give me any identifying information such as your Google ID, name, email address, location, etc.

The final report will contain statistical summaries only. Your individual responses will not be published.

Be careful!
This survey covers topics that could trigger gender dysphoria or trauma memories. Please be aware and take care of yourself emotionally during and after taking the survey if you feel that you may be affected in this way.

You can close the tab at any point during the survey if you feel uncomfortable. Your answers will only be saved and submitted if you click "submit" on the last page and see the confirmation message.

Technical note
The country dropdowns don't work in some browsers. If you need to try this survey in a new browser, here's the URL: https://goo.gl/forms/sib52KNGYtwgEFu72
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