Nonprofit capacity assistance/technical expertise advisors list
This list is being compiled by Emily Sterling and Olive Grove ( to help alleviate the challenges of matching nonprofits in need of technical assistance, and those providers who have expertise and capacity to help. We are frequently asked to help find and refer consultants and advisors, and we are hoping to make this more efficient and scalable for everyone. We acknowledge it is imperfect and incomplete, but it is a start and we look forward to evolving it over time if it is valuable. 

There is no fee to participate as either a consultant or a nonprofit.

We know there are lots of specialized lists out there of consultants who serve specific mission areas, locations, types of services, etc. We are hoping for an inclusive list that captures those and more. Please help us populate and distribute this list by forwarding the link to your trusted consultants, advisors, networks, membership organizations, foundations, and nonprofits.

Each person entering data is responsible for the accuracy of their entries, and each entity utilizing the information is responsible for their own due diligence. Olive Grove is not independently verifying information, nor providing any quality control measures, and assumes no liability or responsibility for its use.

This listing is free to use for the purposes of matching nonprofit needs with those who can provide expertise. However, no person or entity is authorized to use this list for other marketing purposes, to download or copy the list, or to use it for any other purposes.

You can see the list in its current form at:

We look forward to hearing how else we can make this endeavor more useful for you - please send ideas and comments to

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