Open Letter to the National Council of Young Israel on Pittsburgh
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Dear President Farley Weiss, Chairman of the Board Jeff Kopelman, and Executive Director Rabbi Marc Volk:

As American Jews who have benefitted from vibrant Orthodox institutions and organizations, we can no longer stay silent when they fail to live up to the fundamental moral, ethical and communal values and principles that guided, motivated and shaped our communities. It is, therefore, with tremendous sadness and remorse that Torah Trumps Hate, a growing organization of Torah-centered Jewish social activists, Hitoreri: an Orthodox Movement for Social Change, and Uri L'Tzedek must formally protest a recent statement from the National Council of Young Israel (NCYI).

In the aftermath of the terrible anti Semitic tragedy at the Tree of Life Synagogue in which eleven people died al kidush HaShem (sanctifying God’s name), the NCYI chose to issue a political statement of unabashed support for President Trump, saying that the Jewish people have never had “such a great champion in the White House.” It did so even as this president continues to fan the flames of Jew hatred in our country through classic anti Semitic code language and hate speech. Did the leadership of the NCYI hear “his constant unwavering voice in defense of the Jewish people and against anti-Semitism” when he declared regarding the white supremacists marching through the streets of Charlottesville shouting “Jews will not replace us” that “some are very fine people?” Or was it when his White House left out Jews in the official statement commemorating Holocaust Remembrance Day?

The murderer at the Tree of Life synagogue told us why “all Jews must die.” He said it was because Jews support, promote and sustain refugees and immigrants, this as those very Jews were about to read Parshat Vayeira, where the Torah first emphasizes our Abrahamic commitment to welcoming the stranger. His reasoning and his words mirrored the very message this president has repeatedly emphasized as he rallies across the country against “globalists” and “immigrant hordes” whom he demeans as “invaders” that offend his view of “America First Nationalism.” Those are historical anti Semitic tropes that no responsible Jewish organization can condone.

Many of us were raised and educated in Young Israel shuls and communities. We were inspired by rabbis, teachers and spiritual leaders who shared with us our rich tradition of caring for the stranger, the poor, the mistreated and the vulnerable. They taught us that at the core of Judaism was the ethic of Abrahamic responsibility to our people, our country, our world and to mankind in general. They supported their messages through age old sources and teachings. These made us understand that Jewish values and ethics, not political self interest irrespective of fundamental Jewish beliefs, must always be our lodestar.

In honor of the eleven kedoshim who were brutally massacred while davening in shul, we remind our community of key fundamental values and insist that our institutions continue to emphasize these messages.

The great Orthodox theologian, Rabbi Dr. Joseph B. Soloveitchik, revered by our Young Israel rabbis and leadership, often reminded us of our Abrahamic responsibilities. He taught:

“The central experience in Abraham’s life was galut — homelessness, wandering without knowing the destination . . . . This passional experience taught Abraham and his descendants the art of involvement, of sharing in distress, of feeling for the stranger, of having compassion for the other. It trained Abraham to react quickly to suffering, to try to lighten the other’s burden as much as possible. No matter who the stranger was, what he stood for, and how primitive he was, the stranger had suffered. . . . We have mercy on all uprooted and defenseless human beings in exile . . . . We are burdened with an ethical norm to help because we remember how we felt when we were in distress.” (Abraham’s Journey pp. 196-97).

We call on the National Council of Young Israel to immediately retract its message of praise for a president who fans the flames of anti-Semitism and whose policies are anathema to Jewish values. It is time for the Orthodox Jewish community to reassert its place as the leaders and promoters of Abrahamic ethics.

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UPDATED: 11/4/18, 8:33pm

Ms. Jennifer Gordon (YI Member)
Sara Michelle Szpilzinger (YI Member)
Dr. Sarah Gross (YI Member)
Chana Stiefel (YI Member)
Diana Jacobs-Komisar (YI Member)
Distinguished Professor of Sociology Samuel Heilman (YI Member)
Rabbi Yaakov Komisar (YI Member)
Melissa Ciner (YI Member)
Ms. Bonni Kraus (YI Member)
Isaac Moses (YI Member)
Ms Joyce Joseph (YI Member)
Mrs. Elana Arroyo (YI Member)
Ketriellah Goldfeder (YI Member)
Dave Schwartz (YI Member)
Sheila Finkelstein (YI Member)
Deborah Schultz (YI Member)
Jonathan Ezor (YI Member)
David Zimbalist (YI Member)
Alexis Kaplan (YI Member)
David Iken (YI Member)
Jennifer Bader (YI Member)
Owen Rumelt (YI Member)
Rabbi Pinchas Giller (YI Member)
Zev Kessler (YI Member)
Jeff Weener (YI Member)
Morah Deborah Klapper (YI Member)
Dr. Jordana Rothschild (YI Member)
Dr. Joshua Wallenstein (YI Member)
Skylar Bader (YI Member)
Norah Mazar (YI Member)
Mrs. Meredith Schwartz (YI Member)
Dr. Miriam Udel (YI Member)
Gila Golder (YI Member)
Risa Mallin (YI Member)
Dr. Isadora Bielsky (YI Member)
Rabbi David Jaffe (YI Member)
Mark Goldberg (YI Member)
Harav Baruch Stone (YI Member)
Ilana Frankel (YI Member)
Rabbi Mordechai Rackover (YI Member)
Shanna Giora-Gorfajn (YI Member)
Mr Steven Schwartzberg (YI Member)
Cassie Seinuk (YI Member)
Lori Kipnes (YI Member)
Dafna Schindler (YI Member)
Avi Fuld (YI Member)
Dr Shira Danzig (YI Member)
Lauren Wohl (YI Member)
Marisa Gadlin (YI Member)
Ann Goldhirsch (YI Member)
Dr. Bela Chopp (YI Member)
Rabbi Dr. Kenneth Chelst (YI Member)
Ms Janice Goldfein (YI Member)
Mrs. Lisa Weinstein (YI Member)
Meira Davidowitz (YI Member)
Jenna Berkowitz (YI Member)
Yoni Engelhart (YI Member)
Mrs Aliza Mayer (YI Member)
Professor Matt Sienkiewicz (YI Member)
Professor michael chopp (YI Member)
Carrie Benedon (YI Member)
Dr. Chaya Halberstam (YI Member)
Jacob Ner-David (YI Member)
Dina Schwartzman (YI Member)
Jamie Hirsch (YI Member)
Mr Alexander Luxenberg (YI Member)
Daniel Luxenberg (YI Member)
Betsy Zimbalist (YI Member)
Eileen Terzi (YI Member)
John Peter Kaytrosh (YI Member)
Meryl Berow (YI Member)
Barbara Wohl (YI Member)
Karen Lerner (YI Member)
Hannah Topiel (YI Member)
Jacob Einhorn (YI Member)
Donna Iken (YI Member)
Dr. Jeremy Schnittman (YI Member)
Mrs Judith Lupatkin Bernstein (YI Member)
Gerhard Bacharach (YI Member)
Elisha Fredman (YI Member)
Arlene Groner (YI Member)
Kenneth Dauber (YI Member)
Shari Katz (YI Member)
Stephanie Pastor (YI Member)
Dr. Joseph Lowin (YI Member)
Seth Weissman (YI Member)
Abby Hofstetter (YI Member)
Naomi Korn Gold (YI Member)
Raimi Tuchinsky Rosen (YI Member)
Dr. Lawrence Grossman (YI Member)
Dr. Allie Luxenberg (YI Member)
Carol Finkel (YI Member)
Dr. Ellen Cohn (YI Member)
Mr. Nigel Quartey (YI Member)
Mindy M. Schimmel (YI Member)
Amiel Weinstock (YI Member)
Mr Shlomo Bolts (YI Member)
Miriam Lowenstein (YI Member)
Rebekah Natanov (YI Member)
Deborah Wenger (YI Member)
Hannah Hostyk (YI Member)
Sarah Chopp
Stephen Apple
Rabbi Dr. Marc Gopin
Rabbi Bob Carroll
Evan Cohen
Mrs. Aviva Rosenberg
Rabbi Gabriel Kretzmer Seed
Ms. Amy Fogelman
Jennifer Montag
Lisa Miller
Tova Ovits
Linda Berman
Katie Katz
Chaya Ovits
Shayna Chaya Greenfield
Mordechai Ovits
Rabbi Mike Moskowitz
Nancy Edelman
Victoria Cook
Professor, Jewish Studies Joshua Shanes
Mr. Paul Mirbach
Leora Morgenstern
Benjamin Reiner
Mrs. Rachel Stein
Devorah Backman
Sara-Rivka Bass
Ms. Sarah Herman
Elizabeth Mandel
Ms. Cheryl Spilzinger
Tali Ann Katz
Ms Ora Assayag
Rabbi Dr. Shmuly Yanklowitz
Ittai Hershman
David Zinberg
Jordan Hirsch
Holly Rotman-Zaid
Mrs Debra Miller-Eckstein
Professor Hannah Rothstein
Daniel Edelman
Yael Zinberg
Sara Raisner
Howard Sragow
Karen Eisenberg
Mr. Joshua Pines
Mrs Judith Leavey
Devorah Shalev
Debbie Goldman
Jerry Kowalski
Devorah Phillips
Director of Activism of Torah Trumps Hate Sara Atkins
Dr. Michelle Love
Rachel Goldberg
Vicki Keyak
Mr Jonathan Taylor
Hayyim Obadyah
Jennie Apter
Warren Burstein
Oren Bassik
Behnam Dayanim
Lisanne Cheifetz
Nathaniel Goldstein
Mark Saltman
Joshua Furman
Sara Saiger
Ms. Linda Elkins
Todd (Tuvia) Cutick
Laura Baron
Andrea Hale
Amy Finkelstein
Andy Rotman-zaid
Alexis Taerea
Debbie Honigwachs
Ms Stephanie Fritsch
Elise Levine
Mr. Greg Sholom
Jennifer Hoff
Ms. Monica Byrne
Jeremy Neimand
Cherie Zucker
Bruce Mosbacher
Elie Peltz
Faye Landes
Hal Kapell
Mr. Daniel Iken
Merri Ukraincik
Jaime Bassman
Jaime Bassman
Simona Suskewicz
Mr. Bernie Suskewicz
Rabbi Ari Weiss
Mr. Shawn Fink
Mrs Elana Samad
Dr. Joanne Yaffe
Ruth Alcabes
Miriam Stern
Rosanne Pisem
Yonina Jacobson
Dr Jessica Lang
Dr. Elliott Rabin
Dr. Shoshana Isenberg
Rabbi Dr. Dov Weiss
Professor Berel Lang
Ilana Jackson
Rabbi Morris Allen
Rebecca Leicht
Brad Sabin Hill
Alison Klayman
Judy Richter
Deb Stone
Rebecca Finkel
Jennifer Seligman
Mark Mulgay
Adira Shakhnovich
AJ Frost
Jessica Sullivan
Rachel Rapps
Basya Gartenstein
Joshua Relkin
Adrianne Burgher
Professor Allen Kraut
Elie Benhiyoun
Debra Passner
Sandra Friedman
Nina Black
Professor Jonathan Dauber
Sarah Goodman
Miriam Greenberger
Michael Schreiber
Rabbi Uri Allen
Sarah Dauber
Maayan Dauber
Katlin Kagan
Vadim Kagan
Becca Bodenstein
David Karger
Yael Reisman
Lisa Silverman
Mr. Yisrael Gladstien
Dr. Marc Kramer
Marc Silberstein
Marc Melzer
Hedy Shulman
Karolyn Benger
Ms Adina Karp
Rabbi Dina Najman
Akiva Weisinger
Avital Raff
Shahanna McKinney-Baldon
Ms Laurie Cohen
Allison Miller
Ilana Gleicher
Dr. Nicole Collins
David Spencer
Professor Emeritus Adam Zachary Newton
Miriam Mezer
Doctor Osna Haller
Jenny Grossman
Rabbi Matt Carl
Nava Friedman
Aviva Pearlman
Mrs Tamar Cytryn
Elisabeth Hughes
Professor Richard Newhauser
Hazzan barbara barnett
Ms Lynn Lackey
Gail J Gordon
Ruth Beyer
Dr. Jill Smith
Rachel Pollack
Rabbi Shalom Kantor
Elaine Rubin
Yael Krieger
Sam Greenberg
Molly Karlin
Sara Gottlieb
Mrs Jessica Zalkin
Susan Rosen
Judith Marks
Brett Parker
Samantha Karlin
Zev Goldberg
Rikki Hepner
Adi Burton
Ms. Susan Cohen
Danny Chameides
Rav Daniel Landes
Blima Marcus
Jaclyn Canter
Rivkah Pardue
deborah sommer
Faigie Hecht
Rabbi Avram Mlotek
Dr. Jennifer Wolkin
Robert Yerachmiel Sniderman
Ahuva Buchbinder
Jennifer Huttle
Chaya Cooper
Jamie Schwartz
Julie Rabinowitz
Ms Lois Zeidman
Daniel Henkin
Shaina Sugar
Dr. Carl Jacobs
Etai Lahav
Ms. Judy Dick
Elana Katz
Dr Avi Weiss
Annette Majerowicz
Mili Leitner Cohen
Rabbi Dr. Yechiel Hoffman
Mr. Ralph Klein
Abby Eisenberg
Mrs Jessica Berg
Dr. Ernestina Osorio
Ruth Gleicher
Heather Stone
Shari Lowin
Noah Liben
Chavi Swidler Eisenberg
Mr Norman Lerner
Katherine Rosen
John Settle
Esther Silberstein
Debbie Kamioner
Esther Rein
Dr Kyra Bernstein
Itai Maytal
David Pollack
Hallie Geller
Rabbi Aaron Levy
Noach haKohen Mühlgay
Mrs. Lauren Liebert
Ariane Mandel
Mrs. Sherri Adler
Lev Vladimirsky
Chana Diamond
Michael Diamond
Eliana Scott-Thoennes
Abraham Drucker
Brian Horowitz
Madeleine Tick
Elias Rosenfeld
Shoshana Lutwak
Yonina Slochowsky
Daniel Bloom
David Pollack
Sarah Diamond
Ariella Messing
Cantor Dr. Jonathan Friedmann
Stacey Rapp
Helene Bergman
Estee Friedman
Elizabeth Waksman
Eliana Kinderlehrer
Dr Harriet Sandberg
Professor David Henkin
Ms. Judy Frieder
Andy May
Dr Ima Hediot
Mona Strick
Professor Ethan Katz
Ariella Goldfein
Matthew Lentz
Dr. Irv Goldfein
Matt Olsen
Rabbi Lev Eliezer Israel
Ms Leah Gordon
Sandy Kravetz
Estelle frankel
Simon Fleischer
Jay Pearlberg
Mr. Joseph M. Varon
Fern Cohen
Samara Hutman
Mrs Gail Solarana
Jeff Duitch
Ari Pepper
Raphael Levi
Andrew Gadlin
Ron Wegsman
Rishona Campbell
Ms. Toby Perl Freilich
Robbin Katzin
Dorron Katzin
Andrea Plotkin
Rivko Knox
Professor Nathaniel Berman
Rebecca Blady
Dr Tamy Chelst
Dr Carl Hammerschlag
Zina Weinberger
Ms. Temima Grossman
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Rabbi Chaim Mahgel
Shoshana Jacobs
Alex Weisberg
Jill Saperstein
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David Gross
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Andrea Port Jacobs
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Dr. Karen Berman
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Eli Sitt
Professor Rita Rosenthal
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Kressel Housman
Ms Leah Dodyk
Todd Bachand
Ms Betsy Markman
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Harry Cook
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Mrs Genice Paullay-Beazley
Jessica Kravitz
Adriane R Meyers
Dr. Rona Woldenberg
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Tamara Charm
Alyssa Gilden
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Dr. Jennifer Lewis
Dr. Ezra Zuckerman Sivan
Shoshana Rosenberg
Ms Lisa Kaufman
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Nathaniel Fintz
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Communications Director Elad Nehorai
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Rabbi Shais Rishon
Matty Lichtenstein
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Professor/Attorney Susan Corey
Caroll Goldberg
Marc Zilbert
Avi Bass
Ellen Tuchinsky
Joseph Tuchinsky
Rabbi David Kalb
Amir Keinan
Gaveiel Bellino
Michael A. Burstein
Nomi Burstein
Rochelle Greenbaum
Lynn Berman
Judith Abel
Robyn Stanton
Wendy Levinson
Jack Sivan
Meir Lakein
Tamar Zaks
Rabbi Yossie Bloch
David Tuchman
Jamie Katz
Jacob Kafka
Asher Lovy
Nelly Benedek
Mr Moshe Novakoff
Dr. Ellen Frankel
Judi Kramer
Nancy Zazzaro
Tzippy Heszke
Debra Weiner
Willa Rae Rsder
Ronnie Schlussel
Joshua Markovic
Ariel Yarmus
Jessica Fishbein-Freeman
Mitch Bacharach
Cara Herbitter
DJ Askin
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Dr. Rena Fredman
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Aryeh Laufer
Elliot Onn
Jonathan Krasner
Lori Zimand
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Joshua Henkin
Shira Sacks
Rabbi Daniel Wolf
Shlomit Nehorai
Jason Goldberg
Jennifer A
Paula Platoff
Julie Thaler
Jesse Rabinowitz
Yocheved Hersh
Antoinette Dauber
Etha Levisohn
Barbara Goldman
Susan Rosen
Ilse Gruenspecht
Jillian Miller
Abigail Weiss
Ethan Malamed
Abe Mezrich
Rabbi Amitai Adler
Rabbi Michael Chernick
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Dr. Juliet Stamperdahl
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Tehilla Vanfossen
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Chaim and Margaret Charytan
Leah Moskovits
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Marisa Fox
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Malkah Nadoff
Judy Katz
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Ariela Rosenberg
Jack Levin
Mark Schlussel
RoseLynn Schlussel
Tanya Farber
Barbara Wohl
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Joyce Greenberg
Dr. Dana Beyer
Diane Silverman
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Dr. Barbara Chubak
Diane Eckstein
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Marianne Seidenberger
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Sara Gilman
Abraham Leavitt
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Morah Arwen Kuttner
Robert Figel
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Rabbi Ami Silver
Joshua Friedman

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