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Askable ( is involved with conducting research over the coming weeks as part of a Federal government initiative. We'd like to hear more about people's experiences with businesses of all types and sizes interacting with the government. Answer the questions below and we'll let you know if you're eligible to participate the research project. Those selected to participate will be compensated for their time. There are limited spots available, so register your interest to participate now!

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“Business owner” means someone that holds direct responsibility for business, such as:
Owner, director, partner, member of management committee, responsible person, president, principal, treasurer, secretary, public officer, trustee, office holder, executor

“Representative” means someone that acts on behalf of a business, such as:
Agent, employee, staff, advisor, third party, elective, nominee, broker, delegate, commissioner, proxy, stand-in, surrogate, contractor, subcontractor, lawyer, assistant, officer, appointee

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