Marketing Strategy Mentoring Camp
Date: 27th June 2018
Time: 10 AM to 2 PM
Venue: TiE Bangalore

On a regular basis, we at TiE get asked to help companies with their marketing plan. Some are for a new company, others for a new product. We typically recommend creating a marketing strategy and ensuring that the management is in alignment with it. If not, you may be setting yourself up for failure.

The purpose of this strategy is to collect key data points, align management team objectives and determine next steps for building a go-to-market plan. In today’s dynamic environment, you want to be able to adjust activities swiftly while ensuring that your team is always working on the strategy and doesn’t get sidetracked by ad hoc, superfluous tasks.

This Marketing Strategy Mentoring Camp hosts Mr Sivaram Kuppachi, CEO/Quarterback at Zamstars, in a mentoring session with entrepreneurs to develop and refine their marketing strategies.

With 20 years of demonstrative skills in developing businesses in new markets, Sivaram Kuppachi is a leader who delivers solutions and executes priorities that are pivotal for the enterprise. His advisory roles as CIO/CFO/COO have helped in streamlining businesses and influencing them to choose the right collaboration of processes and technology. Zamstars is a full service organisation that offers services and solutions in Marketing, Branding and Sales.

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