Public Allies Milwaukee 25th Anniversary Honorary Ally Award
This award is to recognize a member of the Milwaukee community whose life's work embodies the Public Allies Milwaukee leadership actions:

1. Recognize and articulate how systemic oppression affects all levels of society.

2. Build inclusive spaces through inclusive words and actions, and by responsibly challenging exclusionary spaces.

3. Engage constructively in discussions related to diversity and oppression where there are conflicting points of view.

4. Hold yourself and others accountable to the interests of the whole.

5. Catalyze the strengths and natural leadership of individuals and communities, particularly those affected by social problems, to build sustainable solutions.

6. Collaborate within a group by leveraging mutual interests, developing relationships, and building consensus to define and achieve common results.

7. Create partnerships, both formal and informal, that cross boundaries to build positive interdependence.

8. Commit to being a lifelong continuous learner by developing the skills and expertise necessary to accomplish personal and professional goals.

9. Create opportunities to give and receive feedback that supports personal development and the learning of others.

10. Using all of the above, develop and implement novel solutions to persistent social problems and dysfunctional, oppressive systems.

+1. Cultivate and preserve the times and spaces necessary to play, rest, rejuvenate, and heal.

All nominations are due by March 21, 2019.
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