UX Design Course Writer Practicum
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1. How would you distinguish UX and UI? In other words, what are some key differences and similarities, and why is it important to make this distinction? *
2. Based on your professional experience in UX and your specialization area, what are 2 of the most important skills that you want your students to walk away with? *
3. Choose one of the skills you listed above. What deliverable would you ask for to assess that your student has mastered the skill? What are 2-3 industry-standard tools or resources you would share with the students so that they could produce a marketable sample of their work (i.e. a portfolio piece)? *
4. We would like to see a writing sample as well. You can submit one you already have with your CV or use the following prompt to write a short paragraph for the UX course:
Write a hook (a short paragraph) introducing a concept you want teach.This can be directly related to the specialization course or UX in general. 3-5 sentences should suffice. Keep in mind that your audience are UX beginners who have just completed 7 months of their Certified UX Designer program. You want to draw them in and keep them motivated for the final leg of their program.
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