The student and a parent will need to complete this form together. Original signatures will be required upon selection to the program.
- Applicants for Teens In Action (TIA) Leaders must be going into grades 10 through 12 and live or go to school in Hillsborough Co.
- Must have completed at least one full calendar year of TIA.
- Nominees must have the full support of their parents or guardian(s)

In reviewing applications, the Selection Committee looks for potential participants who demonstrate:
- A desire to learn and model social and emotional learning (SEL) concepts and skills
- A strong commitment to community service and leading the projects they will support.
- The ability to make the time commitment required by the program.
- A record of good attendance and conduct in TIA.
- Exceptional communication skills.

- Upon final consideration, applicants will be contacted for a personal interview.
- If selected, applicant must adhere to program standards (see below).
- Please review the required dates of participation prior to applying for this program (see link below).
- Attendance at opening retreat and closing graduation is mandatory.
- Attendance at all workshops and weekly volunteer projects is expected.

IMPORTANT NOTE*: Those who fail to attend the opening retreat or miss more than two workshop sessions will be dropped from the program.

*The only exceptions to this policy will be related to health and/or safety, must accompany a doctor’s note and obtain written approval from the TIA program manager or other Frameworks leadership.

*Participants who identify a conflict with attendance requirements will be offered a refund only if withdrawal is accomplished prior to the initial retreat and a waitlist participant can fill the vacancy.

CHECK THE 2016-2017 TIA TENATIVE CALENDAR FOR PLANNING PURPOSES: http://myframeworks.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/2016-2017-TIA-Calendar-TENTATIVE.pdf

Program Standards
The mission of Teens In Action (TIA) is to empower young people to make a genuine and meaningful difference in their community by breaking barriers between themselves and others.
The purpose of Teens In Action is to teach youth, through service learning, the social-emotional concepts and skills that will help ensure their success in all aspects of their lives, both as youth and as they become adults.

In order to achieve this, selected class members are expected to:
1. Fully and actively participate in each program.
2. Demonstrate respect for staff, leaders, program guests, and fellow program members.

Leader Responsibilities
Leaders are required to:
- Attend the leader training and the annual August TIA retreat.
- Attend the TIA monthly workshops and pre-workshop training.
- Be prepared to actively participate in all TIA workshops.
- Provide weekly updates to the TIA program manager via email.
- Help mentor to coordinate details of the service project, and a communication plan for the group (if assigned).
- Communicate regularly with assigned group, non-profit points of contact, and TIA program manager.
- Attend volunteer site visits with assigned group.
- Take responsibility for all team members at service project site.
- Practice delegating tasks, leading by example, and maintaining structure within your team.
- Organize meetings, when needed, outside of the monthly TIA workshops to ensure group is delivering promised outcomes.
- Lead the development of the team's final presentation for the graduation ceremony.
- Attend the Teens In Action graduation.
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Will you be applying for financial assistance?
If you check yes, we will contact you with further information.
Would you be willing to provide a sponsorship for Teens In Action
This is in addition to your student tuition
This section is for demographic data collection purposes only.
Instructions: Please select the answer the best represents you.
Application Questions
How has your involvement in Teens in Action helped you grow personally?
Your answer
What are some of the leadership qualities you would like to develop and how could the TIA leader program support that growth?
Your answer
What are some social issues you would like to focus on this year? Do you have suggestions for new partnerships TIA should pursue to expand the program?
Your answer
What is one example of how you have demonstrated leadership in TIA?
Your answer
What challenges do you anticipate regarding the time commitment of TIA leadership? How will you manage these challenges?
Your answer
What qualities do you feel best exemplify a leader today?
Your answer
If you could make one positive change to the TIA program, what would it be?
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Additional Comments:
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Candidate Commitment
As a high school student, we know you are extremely busy with school, clubs, sports, and possibly a job. We also recognize your desire to serve your community. Please review the following requirements to determine if you are able to commit at least 10 hours per month to the Teens In Action program.

• Attend Leader Training and SEL Bootcamp
• Attend closing graduation ceremony
• Miss no more than 2 leader training/ program workshops
• Attend individual team project meetings August through April
• Pay non-refundable program fee of $250
• Participate in a Teens In Action led fundraising initiative/s to help support the Teens In Action program

*Financial Assistance: Scholarship monies are available. If you are interested in program fee assistance, contact Lisa Rose, Program Manager, at 813.514.9555, ext. 108 or TIA@myframeworks.org prior to the application deadline.

I understand the commitment to the Teens In Action program. If selected, I will devote the required time and pay the non-refundable program fee.

Parent Commitment
Part of the intent of the Teens In Action program is to provide your student with life skills needed to succeed in the world. We provide opportunities to practice Social and Emotional skills through volunteering, during workshops, and via regular communication with your teen. Your student will grow and learn through doing.

With those goals in mind, our expectation is for YOUR STUDENT to communicate with staff and leaders regarding most issues related to the TIA program (i.e. scheduling, challenges, and advice).

We always welcome your feedback and support! However, please refrain from communicating on their behalf unless it's physically impossible for them to do so. It's good training for them.

A calendar will be provided prior to acceptance into the program, please review the criteria and candidate commitment sections of this applications to determine if TIA is a good fit for your student.

Media Consent and Release
I hereby irrevocably consent to and authorize the use, publication, and reproduction at any time by Frameworks of Tampa Bay, Inc., or anyone it authorizes, of any and all photographs taken of me or my child or both me and my child, as the case may be, with or without names, for any editorial purpose, promotion, advertising, trade, or other purpose whatever.

I understand that the photographs or videos may be used in any or all editions of Frameworks of Tampa Bay, Inc.’s communications to accompany or illustrate a story about social and emotional learning and/or programs. I realize that this coverage may place my picture, with or without further explanation, alone or accompanied by other pictures, in a story, in or on a cover of any or all editorial content, depicting, describing, or illustrating its programs and/or social and emotional learning. I recognize that such use may place me in a very unfavorable light.

I hereby consent to such depictions, and release Frameworks of Tampa Bay, Inc., its directors, officers, agents and employees, or anyone it authorizes, from any and all claims whatsoever relating to or arising from the uses consented to above.

I am over 18 years of age, and have read this consent and release, or have had it read and explained to me in my native language, fully understand its contents, and enter into it voluntarily and without coercion.

Select one:
Special Considerations
Please describe of any special considerations we should be aware of to best support the applicant (i.e. allergies, physical limitations, etc.)
Your answer
Additional Requirements
Email the following items to complete your application:
- Headshot (.pdf or .jpg similar to a profile picture to be used in your files)

Send to TIA@myframeworks.org
Candidate Participation Consent and Release
Permission for Enrollment and Release of Frameworks of Tampa Bay, Inc. from Liability:

I am an adult over 18 years of age and I give my child permission to participate in Frameworks activities. I understand that even when reasonable precaution is taken, accidents can sometimes still happen. Therefore, in exchange for Frameworks allowing my child to participate in Frameworks activities, I understand and expressly acknowledge that I release Frameworks and its staff members and board for all liability for any injury, loss or damage connected in any way whatsoever to my child’s participation in Frameworks activities whether on or off the Frameworks premises. I understand that this release included any claim on negligence, action or inaction of Frameworks, its staff, directors, board members and guests. I have read and am voluntarily signing this authorization and release.

I HAVE READ THIS FORM AND GRANT PERMISSION FOR MY CHILD, Name Listed Above, TO PARTICIPATE IN ALL ACTIVITIES PROVIDED BY Frameworks. By signing this form, I state that I am the legal parent/caregiver of the minor child listed above and authorized to grant such permission.

Digital Signature
On the final step you will be required to enter a digital signature which will be binding as your actual signature. Your electronic signature below indicates your agreement with the following statements

By typing my initials in the following box I certify the above statements to be true and correct, to the best of my knowledge, and that this information can be used for the purpose of processing my application and information for consideration in the Teens In Action Program.

I also acknowledge the commitment needed for Teens In Action and the required attendance. I will take personal responsibility for the outcome of my TIA experience.

Participant's Initials
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Parent's Initials
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