$$$ Windfall $$$
Have you ever received a sum of money that changed your life? Did it make your troubles go away? Did it make everything worse?

For Topic's upcoming issue on money, we're asking people to share their stories about receiving lump sums.

This lump sum could arrive via an inheritance, a prize, a book or film deal, tournament winnings, the sale of a business or an IPO, a lawsuit or life insurance payout, a divorce settlement, buyouts from landlords, payments from fracking or oil reserves, or perhaps if you're lucky, a lump sum from the lottery. Hell, it could the first time you got an allowance!

Your stories can be anonymous, but we are interested in getting in touch with people directly to feature their stories in this issue. So if you are comfortable with with Topic editors getting in touch, please leave your name and email. Thanks!


How much did you receive?
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Why did you receive it?
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How do you feel about the money?
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What did you use the money for?
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How long did it last? Or, rather, how much do you have left?
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If you are comfortable with us getting in touch, what is your name and email?
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