TRF - Ambassador Guide Request
Huzzah and well met! We thank thee for thine interest in the 47th Annual Texas Renaissance Festival and the Ambassador Guide Program! The Ambassadors of the Village of New Market are a select group of persons, noted for their devotion to the Village of New Market and their love of their community. The King himself hath Knighted the Ambassadors and has sent them to represent the Kingdom through community support and charity.

We have scribed the following list upon which we ask for thee to indicate thy level of interest in various activities.  And without doubt, we shall rejoice in knowing the interests of thine party!  This willst allow us to forge the best path for thine visit!

* Please take note that we need to receive your request for an Ambassador Guide at least 1 week prior to your visit!
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On which day of the Royal Calendar doth thee choose for thine visit? *
At what stroke of the clock doth thou anticipate arriving? *
At what stroke of the clock doth thou anticipate leaving? *
Will thou have companions who shall be in thine accompaniment? If so, how many shall be in thine party?
Doth any of thine party require accommodations during their stay? If so, I pray thee give more details so we can best accommodate thine party.
Are there any other notes thy wish to leave regarding thine party and thine desires for this tour?
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