BLT Apprentice Program Application
After a student has graduated and received a diploma from the 200 hour (or six month) training program, they are eligible to participate in the Apprentice Program. Note: Submitting this application does not guarantee admission. We will be in touch shortly after receiving your application. We are grateful that you are considering joining us!

Three Level Apprentice Program
1. The first time you apprentice (especially if you have graduated from the full program within the past year), you will essentially audit the program. You will have the opportunity to work with another sangha, learn the many things that you missed the first time around and get a deeper understanding of the poses, get 5 private tutoring sessions with Paul and the lead apprentice, and much more. You do not have to participate in each day of the program, but we encourage you to come to at least two days of each weekend training. You will graduate level one apprentice when the level one checklist is complete (the lead teacher will check off each time you show competency in each aspect of the sequence - ie. supine legs). If you decide to apprentice again after level one, you will be eligible to teach new students the sequences that you have checked off and demonstrated competency in. Cost for levels 1-3 is $600.
2. Once you have apprenticed at the first level (or with permission from Paul), you can join the second level apprentice program. In this program, you still get 5 private tutoring sessions and you also learn to work with the new students giving corrections, tutoring and teaching. In level two, you have many more opportunities to work with the new students as a teacher. You will need to commit for a minimum of two days per weekend (exceptions can be made). Just as in level one, you will graduate level two when the level two checklist is completed. Same with level three.
3. The third level apprentice gets all the experiences of level one and two, but this time they get to teach the full class. Things like walking meditation, morning practice, or sequences of moves are all possible. Your tutoring sessions will focus on teaching, demoing, keeping the class together and sharing information. You will need to commit for a minimum of two days per weekend (exceptions can be made).

Teacher Training

If you go through all three levels of apprenticeship, you are eligible to go into the teacher training track. This is a three level track. The first level is learning to teach a BLT Touch of Thai class. This is a two - three hour class teaching a simple sequence in a follow-the-leader type format. Level two is learning to teach a BLT Introductory Weekend. You must have gone to Thailand on the Thailand Adventure to be eligible for this. Finally, the level three teacher learns to teach the 200 hour program. The level three teacher must have been a lead apprentice in order to be eligible. Lead apprentice is picked by the Director.

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