BLT Apprentice Program Application
If you have graduated and received a diploma from the 200 hour (or six month) training program, you are eligible to participate in the Apprentice Program. Note: Submitting this application does not guarantee admission. We will be in touch shortly after receiving your application. We are grateful that you are considering joining us!

Here are the requirements and great stuff that you get by apprenticing with Blue Lotus:

You must attend attend 2 days per weekend minimum (obviously if there is a conflict on occasion that’s fine).

You will be a helper in the clasroom. When you are there, you may be asked to help with whatever needs to be done - whether it be writing out the syllabus for the day or putting out mats, lighting a candle or helping a student with a pose or through a difficult moment.

You will get to participate as a student anytime you are not in your role as an apprentice. Basically, you will be wearing three hats - one as student, one as helper in managing the classroom, and one as helper in working with students. In other words, we might specifically pair you up with a beginning student so you can give them quality feedback and correction. But you will be able to be present for all the teaching that takes place and much of the practicing.

You will work with Paul for 2 one-on-one 90 minute tutoring sessions that you will schedule with him where you can focus on any issue, technique or learning that you want private time with. If you prefer (or if it makes sense and we agree to it), we can have two students at the same time with me for the tutoring sessions.

You will receive one 90 minute session from either Paul or Paula (lead assistant) - you choose who you would like to receive from.

You will give one 90 minute massage to Paul and get feedback.

You will do your best to join the other apprentices and Paul / Paula for meetings, meals or group discussion regarding issues that come up in the program with students or anything else. That could happen once a weekend or we might skip some weekends depending on scheduling.

You may be asked to manage the class if Paul or Paula aren't able to be there at some point and you may be asked to teach something if you feel ready.

We will have one group “bookclub” meeting. Right now I am thinking about having the book be Seven Peppercorns. I know many of you have already read it but I think it would be nice to sit down with it as a group and really dissect it.

You will get the student rate ($90) for any bodywork sessions from me or Paula beyond what is offered. OR $90 for us to receive a session FROM you and give you feedback. You can do this as much or as little as you would like.

You are required to attend a student clinic session where you will work on members of the general public OR attend a Seva field trip. You can do both if you want but you must do at least one of these.

You will receive 50 hours of CE credit from NCBTMB called “Advanced Studies in Thai Bodywork” and a certificate at the end of the program once you complete all the requirements.

The cost for this program is $650. We take cash, check or Paypal (friends and family). We will be in touch about payment after you fill out this application and we have a conversation confirming everything.

The program dates can be found at our website under 200 hour - Chicago.

In addition to these dates we will try to get all the apprentices together in advance of the class (on the week of April 16th) to talk about the program, practice compassionate correction etc.

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It is required that you attend at least two out of the four days each training weekend. (Thursday counts as a day). Thursdays: 4-8, Fridays: 9-5, Saturdays: 9-6, Sundays: 9-6. If you have some conflicts or can only make a partial day, we can work with that. Just let us know. That all being said. . . What days and times do you plan to attend? *
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