Luma Yoga 200-Hour Teacher Training Application

Thank you for your interest in Luma Yoga’s Teacher Training. Luma Yoga’s interest in training teachers is to improve and further develop the quality and clarity of purpose of new yoga teachers emerging into the field who wish to share their love of yoga with others. Our interest in the application process is in getting to know you, your prior experience with yoga, and your intentions in seeking certification. Please note that Luma’s teacher training program includes a daily vigorous 2-hour practice during each teacher-training module. It is strongly recommended that applicants have at least one year of consistent experience with the physical practice of yoga postures before applying. If for any reason an exception is requested, please include a written explanation.

Enrollment Specifics

Luma Teacher Training Certification and Yoga Alliance Registration are to be obtained after the completion of all 4 instructional 5-day Immersion Modules plus completion of the Yoga Class Observation requirements, all homework, and the take-home test.

To reserve a place in any of the 4 Teacher Training Immersion Modules, this Application must be completed in full and returned with the appropriate deposit. All Teacher Training modules must be completed within 24 months to be eligible for Certification. The first 2 Modules (The Tools of Modern Yoga and Anatomy for Every Body) must be completed before continuing onto the second 2 Modules. It is strongly recommended that applicants register for all modules in advance to ensure availability in the complete program. Applicants not interested in teacher training certification are welcome in any of the 4 modules. Reservation deposits and payment deadlines apply.

In order to receive Early Registration Pricing your payment must be made in full by the early registration date. Enrollment is limited and we may accept late applications only if there is space in the program. Payment is due in full for each individual Immersion Module on the start-date of that module.

Teacher Trainees seeking certification in 1 year will be asked to practice regularly during their year-long certification process and will receive ongoing mentorship and support to be determined by the instructors of the training. All trainees enrolled for all 4 modules spanning 12 consecutive months and paid in full by the Early Bird Registration Date will receive a 20% discount on Unlimited Yoga at Luma for as long as they remain enrolled in the program. Refunds for modules not completed in 12 months will be granted at 80% of the price paid for each module not attended. Late cancellations (on or after the onset date) will be refunded only in the event that another student can take the reserved space.

A Complete Application Consists of the Following 3 Documents: Please complete the following questionnaire to begin your application. The subsequent documents will be sent to you upon acceptance into the program along with instructions for remitting payment.

• Primary Application
• Payment and Program Participation Agreement
• Assumption of Risk, Health Warranty, Release and Waiver of Liability

For information about the training and FAQs please visit

Any questions can be sent to

Payment Information

Payment in full for all 4 5-day teacher training Immersion Modules insures enrollment in each module and may be made prior to the training. Early Registration Discounts may apply.

Students wishing to enroll in individual modules only may still register for Yoga Alliance certification once all 4 modules are completed, however, space is not guaranteed for any modules except for the ones in which the student is currently enrolled and has made a deposit.

To enroll in all 4 Immersion Modules over 12 months of Luma's 200-Hour Training:

• A $500 Deposit is due with your application. Payment instructions will be sent to you.
• Tuition paid must be paid in full on or before the start date of Immersion 1.
• In order to receive the Early Registration Discount AND to exercise your Unlimited Yoga Subscription discount (if applicable), a deposit + tuition must be received in full by the Early Registration Date.
• Early Cancellations (15 days or more) prior to the start-date of Immersion 1 will result in the forfeiture of your deposit. The remaining balance paid will be refunded to you.
• Deposits + Tuition will not be refunded for Late Cancellations (less than 15 days) prior to the start-date of Immersion 1.
• Mid-year cancellations (cancellations after the onset of any Module) will be refunded for subsequent modules only at 80% of the tuition paid for each module not attended, AND discounted access to Unlimited Yoga will terminate immediately.

If applying to attend individual modules please note the following:

• A $200 deposit per Module is required to hold your space.
• The remaining balance per module is due on the Start Date of that Module.
• Deposits + Tuition will not be refunded for Late Cancellations (less than 15 days) prior to the start-date of any given Module.
• Tuition only (less deposit) will be refunded for Early Cancellations (15 days or more) prior to the start date of any given module.
• Students registering and paying for Immersion Modules individually, rather than in advance, are still considered registered in the training, however Early Registration Discounts and Unlimited Yoga Discounts do not apply.

For more information about the training, requirements and registration please go to

All inquiries may be sent to

Personal Information and Medical History
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Immersions Registered
Please put a check next to the Module(s) you are registering for at this time. Check all 4 boxes if you are planning to complete the training in 1 full year, intend to receive Unlimited Classes during the duration, and are paying in full by the start-date of Immersion 1.
Luma Unlimited Yoga Subscribers
Check here if you are on our Unlimited Classes program and need it to be prorated during the duration of the training.
Check here if you are enrolling mainly to deepen your practice, and/or are already a teacher taking modules for continuing education and do not plan to enroll for certification.
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More About You
Please let us know about your current state of health so we can be prepared for any emergencies:
Please let us know if you have any injuries that would limit your ability to fully participate in the training:
How long have you been practicing yoga?
How often do you practice yoga?
Who are your most influential teachers/styles of yoga?
Do you wish to become a yoga teacher, and if so, why? Please feel free to be honest and candid, you will not be turned away from the training based on your answer.
Do you teach or have you taught yoga in the past? If so, please describe your history as a yoga teacher.
Do you practice meditation or breathing techniques?
Do you practice flow yoga/vinyasa yoga/sun salutes?
Is this your first teacher training? If not, please list other trainings you've attended.
Why do you want to take Luma’s teacher training modules?
What do you hope to achieve/gain in participating in Luma’s teacher training modules?
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