Application To Become A Master Creator & Personally Work 1 on 1 With Vincent Jr, Asia, Gillian & Vincent Sr., Earn 6-Figures in 6 Months, & Craft Your Elevated Legacy On Earth in 2021 & Beyond.
Fill out this application to become a Master Creator & personally work with the owners of SalesVision where they will give you their best to make sure you earn at least 100k online by Vincent Ortega Jr's June 20th, 2021 Birthday & create your Elevated Legacy on earth in 2021 & beyond.

If you are accepted as a Master Creator? You will also be invited to SalesVision's first private live in person Master Creator event Celebration at Vincent Ortega Jr's home, combined with Gillian H. Ortega & Vincent M. Ortega's home on Vincent Ortega Jr's birthday, June 20th, 2021.

Anything you purchase before Sunday Night, 11/22/2020 by Midnight? You will also receive double your money as a bonus in SalesVision President's Missions Coin that is set to Pre-Launch on March 17th, 2021, ready to use on platform. Gearing up for the main launch on as many other banks & exchanges as possible on Vincent Ortega Jr's birthday, 6/20/2021 and beyond.

This Missions Coin Bonus has absolutely nothing to do with SalesVision in terms of how we'll be talking about in inside of SalesVision. This is just a bonus right now, this week, where you get a chance to double your money as a bonus in the Missions Coin.

Fill out the survey to see if you qualify to become a Master Creator & personally work with the owners of SalesVision where they will make sure you earn 100k by Vincent Ortega Jr's birthday, June 20th, 2021, and you will become the first's Master Creators.

The owners have results of over $500,000,000 in sales. While they cannot guarantee you will earn 6-figures because it will be based on your own personal efforts. They can guarantee you will have everything it takes to easily earn 6-figures when you follow their personal and 1 on 1 guidance & take consistent action.

Vincent Ortega Jr's personal "double your money guarantee in 12 months" or less is still in affect as long as Vincent Ortega Jr can see that you are logging in and taking action on at least 90% of the IPA's in your back office every month.

Congratulations! You have the chance at becoming one of the first Master Creators!
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If we choose you to become a SalesVision Master Creator & Craft Your Elevated Legacy on Earth, and serve you with all of our $500,000,000 in Knowledge, and over 100 years of Sales Experience. Can we trust that you will give us all of your energy? *
It's normally only 5k down to become a SalesVision Master Creator member, but until Sunday night at Midnight, 11/22/2020, you will be able to pay only $2500 down to become fully qualified for the $50,000 in Sales Commissions on our Master Creators package. When are you ready to get started with your $2500 down payment? Remember... You will get double your money in Missions Coin in 2021 on our Pre-Launch March 17th, 2021 of our crypto currency Missions Coin to elevate the world with our recovery homes, software, & ai crypto currency trading software. You will not only double your money, but you will also earn 10% APY per year minimum, and your coins will Moon 1000% in 2021. The Missions Coin bank is currently being worked on right now, and you will see your bank and coins in backend of Missions Coin dot com by the time Baby Vincy III comes Jan 1st, 2021. *
If you can't afford the $2,500 downpayment? What could you afford to put down right now? *PS: Just because we are asking, doesn't mean we will accept it, it's just something we would like to consider for you. *
It's $25,000 to come in town and begin your Master Creator Elevated Legacy on earth products, IPA's, videos, memories & wisdom inside of our Multi-Million dollar studios. How quickly can you come up with $25,000? The first people to hit $25,000 down on the $100k total payment to become a Master Creator & Create your Elevated Legacy on Earth... Will be the first people to come in town early 2021 to shoot your videos, wisdom & legacy. Do you need to come in town to create your Master Creator Elevated Legacy? No. Should you? Yes. You will immediately position yourself as a multi-million dollar producer online, and sales will come to you with more ease, speed and pleasure than ever before because your image online will go from average, to extraordinary within 7 days after you are here in Kansas City inside one of our Million dollar studios. *
Do you want to skip the Master Creators Elevated Legacy offer and just invest into the Missions Coin? Let us know how much you would like to invest into the Missions Coin? You will still get double your money in Missions Coin when you invest before 11/22/2020, Sunday Night at Midnight. You can invest as little as $100 bucks in Missions Coin & will get double your money on whatever you invest in before 11/22/2020. You will invest into Missions Coin by sending Vincent Ortega Jr, Bitcoin, Ethereum, True USD, CRO. Whatever you send Vincent Ortega Jr before 11/22/2020 in crypto currency? Will be double your money in Missions Coin in 2021. *
Please let us know anything else that you would like to tell us? Suggestions? Requests? Much Love Family! We are so excited to rock out your Elevated Legacy in 2021 and beyond! *
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