STUDENT Survey 1:1 Technology Initiative at OCS
Please take a moment to reflect on your experience with the 1:1 technology concept here at Onekama School. (You will not be identified individually by taking this survey).
Grade in School 2016/2017 (select)
1. Do you have Internet access at home?
2. Do you feel the computers/iPads have helped you to be a better-organized (prepared) student?
3. Do you feel your teachers used the technology to further your understanding of the material presented in class?
4. Did you receive adequate training on how to use your device?
5. Do you use your device frequently at home?
6. How would you be impacted if next fall laptops and iPads were no longer available? Would your educational experience be:
7. Do you believe your grades have improved as a result of having your own device?
8. Did your NWEA score improve throughout the school year?
9. (Middle and High School Only) Do you feel that your PSAT or SAT score was positively impacted by having your own computer?
10. Do you believe having your own device helped keep you up-to-date at school and home?
11. Did having your own device provide teachers the opportunity to individualize your learning?
12. Please indicate how you use your device (mark as many boxes as appropriate)
13. In what subjects and to what degree do you use your device.
Language Arts (English, Reading Spelling, Composition)
Mathematics (Math, Algebra, Pre-Calculus, Geometry)
Social Studies (History, Geography, Government/Econ)
Science (Physics, Chemistry, Meteorology, Physical Sci, Biology, Health)
(Spanish, Art)
(Band, Shop)
If you have any questions or comments you would like to ask or share – please email them to
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