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Short survey about ISW
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If you are not participating in Season IV: Why not?
There are so many different reasons from "I left HBS Battletech for another game" to "My wife forbade me". So here is no multiple choice, just post your reason in the text box please.
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Have you participated in former ISW seasons (not MWO but HBS Battletech) *
If you played, what did you like about ISW?
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If you played, what did you not like about ISW?
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If you did not play ISW until now, what do you think it is, based on the info available to you?
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How familiar are you with the Battletech Lore, concerning space travel and Battletech Logistics, like transporting Mechs etc.? *
What is your motivation to play HBS Battletech in multiplayer? *
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Are you generally interested in the background of Battletech like intrigue, space travel, logistics, politics, diplomacy? *
What do you like most? *
Whats your time zone? *
please insert GMT +- hours. For example GMT+1 or GMT-8, based on your time zone.
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