Application for West Virginia Hands & Voices Parent Support Specialist
West Virginia Hands & Voices is a parent-driven, non-profit organization that
supports families with children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing without a bias
around communication modes or methodologies.

What is the WV Hands & Voices Parent Support Program? It is a program of West Virginia Hands & Voices that helps to assist families navigating the WV Early Hearing Detection & Intervention system. Our program provides follow-up and outreach services on behalf of the Newborn Hearing Screening Project offering unbiased information and support to family members by parents who have similar experience raising a child who is deaf or hard of hearing. These individuals are called Parent Support Specialists.

Who are Parent Support Specialists? A Parent Support Specialist is a parent of a child who is deaf, hard of hearing, deaf/blind, or is deaf with additional developmental disabilities and/or health care needs. The training of Parent Support Specialists is extensive and ongoing. A Parent Support Specialist provides support by meeting a family in person at a neutral location, as well as remotely utilizing different forms of technology. In addition, Parent Support Specialist will be gathering and entering data regarding the hearing screening status of babies born in West Virginia.

What’s so different about that? West Virginia Hands & Voices, along with the Parent Support Program, is a parent led organization and is part of a larger grassroots international Hands & Voices organization ( We understand the challenges, and the celebrations of parenting a deaf or hard of hearing child. Most importantly, our organization offers support without any bias towards one communication method. We realize success is achieved in many different ways, and “What works for your child makes the best choice.”

Currently we have one opening for a Parent Support Specialist.

Required Qualifications:
• Must be a parent of a child who is deaf, hard of hearing or deaf-blind
• Must be(come) an active member of WV Hands & Voices
• Be able to provide information in an unbiased manner, especially regarding communication options.
• Pass a background check
• Valid West Virginia Driver’s License and reliable transportation required.
• Experience with using MS Office Suite (e.g. Word, Excel, PowerPoint) as well as social media.
Experience using web-based database systems preferred.

Conditions of Work: This is a contracted, grant-funded part-time, flexible position, up to 20 hours a week. Reimbursement for mileage. No benefits.

Application Procedures:
Provide the following information – • Completed Application • Resume • Two current letters of recommendation with contact information (email and phone) Applications must be received by December 15, 2018.

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Applicants should consider before applying that they can adhere to the West Virginia Hands & Voices mission (provided above) and fulfill these minimum requirements of the position of a Parent Guide: (please check all that you will be able to fulfill)
*parents are reimbursed mileage according to policies and procedures.
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3. Experience with different technology and personal communication choice(s) for your own child/family: *
4. Do you have experience with communication choices that are different from your personal belief system – please explain: *
5. Please explain how you would support a family who makes a communication choice(s) that is/are different from your choice(s): *
6. Please explain your comfort level of meeting with families in their homes: *
7. What specific skills or areas of expertise do you feel you can bring to your role as a Parent Support Specialist? *
8. Knowing what you know now, what would you like to see families of newly diagnosed children with hearing loss experience: *
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