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Thank you for volunteering with Volunteer for the Visayans (VFV)! As part of our website promotion, we would like you to write some of your testimony regarding your placement and your experience with us. This will eventually help us to increase the exposure of our website to bring in more future volunteers. Future volunteers can take a look on our Volunteer Testimony page or if they have questions they will reach out through your email if you will allow VFV. Kindly take a moment to share your testimony with us. Please be aware, with the submission of this form, we will share your testimony with our internal team and it will be published publicly (see more details on the Consent box at the end of this form).

Damo nga salamat!

“Make a Difference”
SEC No. CN200427692 DSWD - SB - A- 001422 - 2016
Photo Credit: David - Media Intern
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