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Our Grafton location is our production facility where we mill and store green wood (lumber and natural edge slabs) prior to kiln drying. Let us know what you might be interested in, and we will let you know if we have it! This is a working production facility so we ask that you fill out this form to set up an appointment. Please note, when coming to tour our facility in Grafton, practical shoes and clothing should be worn. It's a rustic farm setting, and you don't want to be caught wearing your best shoes and suit or dress! The location is near I-43 and Hwy 60 in the Town of Grafton.
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Below is a list of products that we produce. Please keep in mind that our Grafton location lumber and slabs are still green and have not gone thru the kiln drying process yet. Green wood may be well suited for some applications, but cases where you need kiln drying, it may take a couple months to fulfill your order.
We typically have plenty of walnut, hard and soft maple, ash, and honey locust on hand. We also have other smaller batch amounts of other species. All our our species come from local trees, saved from the chipper or fireplace.
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We typically offer appointments to browse our selection Monday-Thursdays. Occasionally we can do Saturday appointments.
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Appointments are typically available between 10:00am and 3:00pm. Occasionally we can do other times.
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