Show us some love, CLAP & FOLLOW US! To participate in this bounty, simply perform the following steps:

STEP 1: Subscribe to SPOKKZ Official TELEGRAM Group (https://t.me/SpokkzOfficial)
STEP 2: Follow us on SPOKKZ MEDIUM Page (https://blog.spokkz.com/), CLAP 50 times for an article
STEP 3: Answer the Questions below and Submit your Participation to us before 10PM based on the last date of the Week (GMT +8, Check Exact Time here: https://time.is/GMT+8)

That's it! You may view the Results of the Week on our Bitcointalk Thread at 3PM (GMT +8) on Tuesdays after Your Participating Week.

- Successful Participants will be announced on our BitcoinTalk Thread
- 50 x CLAPS on 1 Article = 100 SPKZ Tokens
- 1 x FOLLOW on our MEDIUM Page = 100 SPKZ Tokens
- A total of 500,000 SPKZ Tokens will be capped for this bounty. This bounty will end on 1 SEP 2018 (10PM) or upon reaching the Maximum Token distribution (ie. 500,000 SPKZ Tokens), whichever is earlier.

- Submissions have to be made within the Stipulated Date/Time Range as shown below. Please take note of the Date/Time Range for each week. Submissions made after the Stipulated Date/Time Range will be considered for the following Week's Bounty.
- 50 Claps will only be counted if it is directed towards 1 Article. 50 Claps will not be counted if it is spread across more than 1 Article.
- The Follows and Claps made by Participants have to be remained on our MEDIUM Page throughout our ICO period.

- Visit https://spokkz.com for more information, we accept ETH/BTC/ZIL as modes of payment

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