NFT Castle Defense Preliminary Guild Manager Application
NFT Castle Defense is recruiting 99 Guild Managers to help moderate and manage our upcoming Guild system. Do you think you've got what it takes to be a Guild Manager? Fill out this form and find out. Who knows - you might just be a perfect fit!
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Do you have any experience playing other Play to Earn games? (e.g., Axie Infinity, My Defi Pet) *
Do you have any past experience with Guild or community management (e.g., MMORPG guilds, community discords, Axie Scholarships) *
We (Emoji Games) plan to pre-allocate a select amount of Castles to Guilds that require them and earn them via Sponsorship acquisition or Guild performance. How would you advertise your Guild to sponsors? *
Approximately how much time will you be available to support your guilds needs each day? Are there any days that you are unavailable? *
How would you personally begin the recruiting process for you Guild? *
Do you know anyone in particular that would be interested in joining your Guild from the start to help you manage the Guild as an Assistant Manager, Castle Owner or Player? (for example: Friends, Social media presence, etc.) *
How many players do you think you could recruit for your Guild at this moment? *
Anything else? Tell us what makes you stand out!
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