4th Graduation Day - Registration Form
Date : 21.04.2019
Contact : Mr.G.Subramaniam, AP/EEE - 90954 89000, Ms.B.Narmada,AP/CSE - 99944 92294

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1.When were you first employed? *
2.What is your prime responsibility of job?
3.What is the range of your Annual Income? *
4.What is the highest degree/professional qualification that you currently hold other than Bachelor’s degree? *
5.Do you take pride in your institution with regard to placement / higher education? *
6.Have you appeared for any competitive exam for admission to higher studies / employment? *
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7.Have you qualified in the competitive exam? If so, specify. *
8. As a graduate of DGCT, where do you place yourself on the following Graduate Attribute Grid?
Communicate Effectively *
Function effectively as an individual and as a member / leader in-diverse teams. *
Commit to professional and ethical responsibilities *
Apply knowledge on mathematics, science and engineering *
Apply engineering techniques and skills. *
Identify, formulate, and solve problems *
Conduct investigations and provide valid conclusions *
Analyze and interpret data *
Design / develop solutions meeting their requirements *
Understand societal impact of engineering solutions & Issues *
Use modern engineering equipment, software, tools or technology for design and development *
Recognize the need for life long learning and stay relevant in the profession *
9. The transition from College to Corporate/Industry would have been easier if the following were added to the Curriculum: *
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10. Any other Suggestions : *
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