LCS Community Service Approval Form
Please read requirements and submit this form for approval PRIOR to starting any volunteer hours. Once approved, you may begin completing a Community Service Hours Log (located at that must be completed and turned in to earn hours. You may turn in paper copies to Mrs. Johnson during regular school year hours or email completed logs to

Community Service Purpose:
It is the LCS Mission to develop exceptional community stewards. Putting this mission into practice through a community service requirement, students have the opportunity to help meet the needs of their community and underserved populations. It encourages our dedication to virtuous character and lifelong learning.

Community Service Guidelines:
1) Students must provide the organization school contact information upon the start of their partnership hours.
2) Students must volunteer for a community/service-oriented organization, non-profit, business or event. The students’ supervisors may not be family members nor can students count service hours for work completed at their family business.
3) Service hours may not be obtained during the standard school day without special circumstances specified and prior administrative approval.
4) All hours must be observed by, logged, and approved by the organization supervisor listed on approval form. LCS administration must have contact information for the organization and supervisor for verification purposes.
5) Students cannot be paid for their services or volunteer at their place of employment.
6) Any opportunity must consist of a minimum of ONE HOUR of time. (e.g.Fifteen minute increments adding to an hour, but not done at one time, will not be considered.)
7) School events and assisting with activities will be permitted as long as the student is not also getting club / organization credit for that opportunity. (National Honor Society excepted.)
8) Only HALF of all volunteer hours may be completed at Loveland Classical Schools.
9) Service hours may not be obtained while participating in fundraisers for school sports, clubs, or events. (e.g. a bake sale to earn money for drama costumes does not count.)
10) Students may receive volunteer hours for helping at religious institutions as long as those hours do not include participation in a religious service, teaching religion or proselytizing.
11) Service hours will not be awarded for donations of any kind including financial, canned food collections, toy collections, etc. (e.g. - a service hour value cannot be established for the donation of a specific number of cans of food). 12) Participation in workshops, clinics, conferences or conventions will not count. If workshops, clinics, etc. have a specific service component, those hours may count.
13) Students must always act responsibly and promote LCS core virtues while working in the community in any capacity, but especially when acting in this capacity. If the school is notified of inappropriate behaviors a conference will be held with the student and school personnel.

● Students work for community organizations that seek to benefit under-served populations or those in need.
● Students themselves proactively seek out these opportunities and look for opportunities that may align with their post-secondary goals.

Appeals Process:
If a student’s particular volunteer opportunity proposed has been denied, the student may appeal the administrative decision to the LCS Executive Director. The appeal must be in writing PRIOR to starting volunteer hours. The student will need to provide the denied Approval Form, the letter containing the reason for the denial, the reason it is being contested, and contact information for the student and the opportunity organization under consideration. ​(Note: All initial decisions are made by two members of the LCS Administration/Services Team.)
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