Cornell Media Guild Application
Please fill out this application if you are a Cornell student interested in joining the CMG family! This form is specifically for off-air departments.

If you are not a Cornell student, but are interested in getting involved, please use the contact form on our website to send us a message instead.

Try to keep responses under 200 words each. There is no minimum length.

What is your name? *
What is your NetID? *
What is your major? *
What year are you? *
How did you first learn about CMG? *
What other activities are you involved with on campus and off campus? *
Are you also planning on becoming a DJ at CMG? *
Why do you want to join CMG? *
What do you hope to gain from joining CMG? *
What areas are you interested in? *
Order the following statements 1 to 5. #1 is most like you, #2 is second most like you, and so on. (Only use each number once) *
I am a natural leader and find it easy to inspire others.
I am comfortable confronting problems that are new to me.
Given ample instructions, I can meet deadlines and produce good quality work.
I can break up a daunting project into action items and see it to completion.
I am eager to devote time to learning new skills.
Describe why you chose your #1 above, giving a specific example of a situation where you exhibited that quality. *
What do you value in an organization? *
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