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To help us utilize your available time to your greatest advantage, please fill this form out by MONDAY @ 6PM. Call us directly if you are sending this later than Tuesday or if you have question/concerns... 509-838-JUMP(5867).
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(We start at 9am on the weekdays and 8am on the weekends. Upon arrival, please retrieve your folder and start working on your flight planners and Category quizzes. We will jump until dark most days. If you are not available the entire day, please let us know when you plan on being here).
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It is okay if you do not know this. *If you have NOT jumped in 30 days, please choose "Need a Refresher Course" as your answer and we will get you back in the air asap after you schedule a Refresher (not available everyday).
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Please note that this is for our scheduling purposes and not a guarantee that you will get this many jumps in a day. We will do our best to get everyone in the air as much as often as they want.
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