IPMA In-plant Health Assessment
This In-plant Health Assessment survey is a quick checklist of items which your peers and industry experts have found to be beneficial, valuable, important, or critical to be a healthy in-plant operation. The questions are weighted to provide a health assessment score. Consider this metric as being similar measuring your weight or counting your daily steps. It is not an inclusive measure of your health – but it is an easy measure which can provide useful insights.

The survey is roughly 100 Yes/No questions with a few, required demographic questions at the beginning. IPMA considers this information to be confidential and will not share it with outside vendors.

👀 If you need to pause and complete the assessment at a later time:
Page to the end of the survey and click SUBMIT. An email containing a link to edit your answers will be sent to the address you supplied above.

The questions have been weighted to generate an instant “score” at the end of the assessment. (It is unlikely that anyone will truthfully answer all questions yes.) Here is how to interpret your score:

Printing-only Operations
0-560 At Risk
561-680 Weak
681-800 Healthy
801-920 Strong
921-1049 World-class

Printing & Mailing Operations:
0-770 At Risk
771-930 Weak
931-1090 Healthy
1091-1250 Strong
1251-1405 World-class

Again, this assessment is designed to provide a quick health metric. Such a simple yes/no system has severe limitations and cannot guarantee that you will not be outsourced, even with a world-class score. However, respondents with very low scores should pay close attention to areas of deficiency.

IPMA can provide additional services or connect in-plants to consultants where appropriate. Those services include:
• An assessment report with recommendations based upon this survey
• Webinars and seminars
• Certification programs
• More extensive reviews of financials, methodology, planning, and management
• And more
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