Curtains Up Youth Theatre Presents... Disney The Movies The Music (June)
Open to current K-2nd graders in the 2019-20 school year (i.e. students going into 1st-3rd grade in the fall). Camp June 15 – 26 for one hour each day.
Zoom Performance - June 26 at 7:00PM
Please note - performers will need to have access to wifi and a device that is compatible with zoom for all rehearsals.
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Registration Payment - Please sign below that you understand the following: Payment to CUYT in the amount of $150 is due by 6/12 and until payment is received your registration is not complete. Space is limited so please complete your registration as soon as possible. *
Behavior - Please sign that you understand and will be supportive of the following: Participants are expected to follow the behavior policies of Walnut Acres. If there are behavior issues, performers may be asked to sit out of rehearsal for a time determined by the directors. *
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