Kreditcoin Twitter Tweet Bounty Submission Form
This Form is for the purpose of Submitting Twitter Tweets that Review, Promote, and Advocate Kreditcoin for a KRD Reward Bounty.

1- Tweets must be at least 80 Characters in length.
2- Tweets must be at least 2 days old at time of submission (48 Hours).
3- Users must be followers of the Official Kredit Project Twitter account at the time of Submission.
4- Users are limited to one submission a week (7 days).
5- Repeated Submissions of the same Tweet will not be accepted.
6- Users must have an account with at least 200 Followers at the time of submission.

Tier 1- Base reward: 3 KRD
Tier 2- Combined Likes and retweets upwards from 100 Bonus: 0.3 KRD
Tier 3- Combined Likes and retweets from 1000 Bonus: 3 KRD
Tier 4- Combined Likes and retweets from 10,000 Bonus: 30 KRD

Terms and Conditions:
1- Low quality and minimal effort posts WILL NOT be concidered for reward.

2- Any form of plagiarism in submissions WILL NOT be accepted, quotation/use of any official Kredit Project and Kreditcoin related text as well as Logo and graphics WILL BE permitted.

3- All Posts be it Blog related or social media must contain all Official Kredit Project links to be concidered for Reward (With the exception of Tweets):

Official Kredit Website:

Official Kredit Github:

Official Kredit Reddit:

Official Kredit Facebook Page:

Official Kredit Twitter:

Download The Kredit Wallet:

Join the Kredit Mining Pool:

4- All feilds marked as required in Bounty Submission Forms must be filled for the submission to be concidered for Reward.

5- All Posts must meet the time requirement specific to the platform at the time of Submission.

6- The Kredit Project reserves all rights to adjust rules, rewards, and policies are subject to change at any time.

7- Submitters MUST MAKE CERTAIN that the provided Kreditcoin Wallet address in their Bounty Submission form is correct. There will be no allowences made for incorrect wallet addresses.

8- The Kredit Project reseves all rights to deny reward to submissions we feel have not met our stipulated requirements

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