Andover CX Coaching 14th November 2020
Please use this form to sign-up for cyclocross coaching on 14th November 2020 at the Charlton Sports and Leisure Centre, Andover SP10 3LF. We will run a morning (10:00-12:30) and afternoon session (13:30-16:00).

Please fill out a separate form for each rider attending. Sorry to be a pain, but this will mean it's all nicely laid out on a spreadsheet so we can organise groups, contact people, etc.

The cost is £25 for 2.5 hours (£15 for U12, U16 & junior riders). Once you have filled out this form, we will email you payment details to confirm your place.
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Your current skill level
The sessions will focus on skills so we'd like to roughly group people according to skill rather than age and strength.
The skills listed below might be indicative of those a rider of each level would be looking to master.

Note that these levels are more descriptive of the progression of skills for younger riders (e.g. I bet there are plenty of you older riders who can use your gears but can't ride no-handed!). All groups will cover lots of interesting stuff on various parts of the Andover Supercross course. Plus we'll have a mini race at the end of each session.

Braking, cornering, understanding camber, riding no-handed (10 metres), track stand (5 sec), riding on varied terrain, the' ready position', riding with others.
Small jumps, lifting the front wheel, moving dismounts & remounts (both sides), running uphill downhill and off-camber, lifting and running with the bike, more advanced camber, hovering over the saddle.
Pumping, bunnyhopping (20cm), running barriers, shouldering and running with the bike, gear selection, starts, racing with others, riding down steep banks, off-camber, riding ruts, pitting.

Feel free to select two sessions if you'd like to stay all day!
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