Paying by TFC or Voucher
Please register your payment by Tax-Free Childcare or childcare voucher here.
If the payment method does not change, you only need to tell us you will pay using that method once, if you change the method or amount, please complete the form again.
Complete this form once for each scheme you use.

With this information, we will add your regular fixed amount payments to FAMLY. This will be added to your invoice as a future automatic payment. Please complete this form accurately to ensure that your invoices are correct.
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If you will be using a childcare voucher scheme, which scheme will you use? *
If you will be using Tax-Free Childcare, what is your reference? (this usually begins with the first 2 letters of the child's surname and initials)
How much will you pay each month using this method? (Either TFC or Voucher)
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A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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