AVA Biennial Convention Survey
The purpose of this survey is to learn about what met your expectations at the convention in Albany NY, where we fell short in the national team effort and what we can do better to meet your expectations at the next Biennial Convention. Please complete the survey by July 1st, 2019.

The first few questions are demographic to help us understand the makeup of the convention attendees. Next are questions about the process for registration, events, meetings and workshops. Finally, the last questions are for your ideas on how best to structure the next convention.

What was the primary motivator for you to attend the convention?
How many conventions have you attended?
Do you belong to a club? If so, what club(s)?
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What is your age?
What is your gender?
Did you feel the registration process was easy?
If registration was not easy, please provide feedback.
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Did you feel you had information in a timely manner to adequately plan your travels and prepare for the convention?
If information was not timely, what did you need sooner and when did you need it?
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How did you view the convention costs?
Do you view workshops as essential parts of the convention?
What workshops did you attend?
Realizing that most of our presenters are not professional speakers, which presentations did you find most helpful?
Did you participate in any of the pre-/post-convention walks?
Are pre/post and convention walks critical to you attendance?
What did you like best about the Albany convention?
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What was your least favorite part of the convention?
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What timeframe for the next convention works best for you?
The convention plan is largely dictated by costs. This year we had two general assemblies instead of three, presented publicity awards at the cocktail hour and did the other awards presentations at the banquet. Would you change the format and if so, how?
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Did you participate in the silent auction.
If you used the buses to the walks, how did the experience work?
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Other comments?
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