McIntyre Preference Voting
Below are questions we posed to those present at the Saturday, March 10th Public Input session. Please take some time to let us know your thoughts! Thank you.
Aerial Photo - 62 Daniel Street
Please select the top three public realm features that should be included in the site's public space?
It is likely there will be some variety of architectural styles incorporated in the redeveloped McIntyre site. Which of the following options do you believe should take priority in the future development?
From an urban design perspective, please pick two of the following design elements you believe are the most important to a successful project
In your opinion, what mode of transportation at the McIntyre would be most beneficial to downtown Portsmouth? Please choose one.
What are your preferences for parking at the site? Please choose two.
Which are the top three most important public benefits/amenities that the McIntyre can provide?
What do you see as the primary risk to the success of this redevelopment?
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