CDSNYS Membership Application

It’s a society like no other. A place where the magnificent Cheese and Dairy Makers of NYS can unite in the glory of hard work, dedication and passion for animals with four hooves that produce the greatest tasting food known to man: cheese & dairy!

The CDSNYS is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization co-founded in 2015 by two charismatic cheese and dairy lovers, Nicole Day Gray & Jessica Halbrecht, looking to unite all the artisan and farmstead producers in our great state. Our cheesiest goal is to support, advocate and promote our local farmers, as well educate the community and encourage excellence in farmstead cheese and dairy. We aim to spread the word about our curd from every corner of New York State to the world! Stay tuned, we are in the process of ramping up our cheesy programming, just for you!

Now all we need, is YOU!

Thanks to the magical powers of technology today, you'll continue clicking through this form to complete the quick application we need from you to join the society. You'll be part of the in-crowd as fast as it takes a cow to stand still. So much easier than trying to hang out with the popular kids in high school, isn't it?

Please be sure to check us out at, and on Facebook, IG, and Twitter - we're always spreading the word about curd through the world wide wedge.

Thank you for joining the Society!
Nicole Day Gray & Jessica Halbrecht

For questions, please contact Nicole Day Gray at 607.427.9848, or
Email us at