2016 Eagleman 70.3 Bike Build/Bike Box Reservation Request
Please answer the questions below to complete your reservation for bike services at Eagleman 70.3. Once we have received your reservation, we will send you a confirmation email within 48 hours. If you do not receive a confirmation, please don't hesitate to send us an email at eagleman@tricycleandrun.com
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*To be used solely to make contact at/during the pre-race site to arrange bike pick up*
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Do you plan to ship your to our retail location prior to the race? *
PLEASE NOTE: Shipping address is TriCycle and Run - 929 S. Talbot St. - St. Michaels, MD - 21663
If you are shipping your bike, you must provide a return shipping label for your bike when you ship it to us. Please place your pre-paid shipping label inside the bike box before you ship it to Maryland. *
Please check that you have read and understand the shipping label requirement.
If you are shipping your bike prior to the event, all bikes must be received at our shop no later than Wednesday June 8, 2016. *
Please indicate that you have read and understand the delivery deadline.
Do you plan to bring your bike to the IRONMAN Village site for assembly?
If yes, please note that all bikes must be dropped off to our vendor tent no later than 11am on Saturday June 11.
Please check that you have read and understand the bike drop-off time deadline.
Please list your bike make and model. *
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Are there any special features on your bike that our mechanics should know about ahead of assembly? *
Examples: Garmin Vector pedals, Di2, etc.
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Please let us know when you would prefer for your bike to be ready for pick-up from the IRONMAN Village site. We will do our best to accommodate your request. *
It is our preference that you plan to pick up your bike from our vendor tent within the IRONMAN Village either prior to check-in or just after. If you need to make other arrangements, please contact us via email to discuss an alternative option. (eagleman@tricycleandrun.com)
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If you are bringing your bike to us at the IRONMAN Village for assembly, will you be requiring our services to breakdown and box your bike following the race?
If you answered yes, when do you need your bike ready for pick up following the event?
This time should be determined by your travel schedule. Please email us if you have a tight window, so that we can plan accordingly with staff. (eagleman@tricycleandrun.com)
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I am aware of the cost of the services for the Bike Build & Bike Box as is laid out in the official Athlete Guide for participants.
For any further information, please email Laura at eagleman@tricycleandrun.com.
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