Application for Postdoctoral Fellowship: Department of Chemistry, IIT Bombay
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Please note the following: . (i) We consider applications from candidates who have either obtained their Ph. D. degree in the last two years or submitted their Ph. D. thesis and are awaiting the defense. Your application will not be considered if you have defended your thesis more than two years ago. . (ii) Minimum eligibility criterion for candidates to be considered is to have at least three publications in journals with impact factor of 2.0 or more. The candidate must be a first author/ joint first author/ corresponding author in at least one of these papers. Exceptions may be made for whose with a paper in a journal of impact factor of more than 5.5. . . (iii) Before filling this form, please contact faculty members of our department whose work interests you. Make sure that there is someone who would be interested in hosting you as a postdoctoral fellow. Without this, your application will not be considered. . If you fulfill the above conditions, then please choose the name of the Faculty member who has given consent to host you as a postdoctoral researcher:
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