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The Mechanical and Mechatronics Student Association (MECHA) is a student-led group that aims to promote a deeper insight into the engineering profession. We provide engineering students with the opportunity to explore their chosen field and equip them with the experience and knowledge to excel as they become more involved in the industry.

With weekly events, we offer a range of experiences to our students, getting them involved in their careers. From sharpening their interviewing skills to listening in on internship advice, MECHA is a great stepping stone to break the leap from university to the industry. We not only offer advice and experiences from peers, but also from industry professionals, giving our members accurate information from their field.

We also strive to create an inclusive and friendly environment for all engineering students at The University of Auckland to socialise and build new relationships within. We firmly believe that by encouraging an environment of acceptance and togetherness we can enrich the university experience.

For more information check out our website and social media pages:
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