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Thank you for participating in my Q & A training and for helping me with my goal! Below are a few questions. All you have to do to claim a half-off product of your choice from me is complete this form and do a quick follow-up to share your feedback. We can do a call/zoom/duo (we can decide what works best for you:)! This is so fun! I can't wait to learn from you and get your feedback! Thank you so much for listening! I hope this inspires you in some way today!
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Stacy James - Purpose / Goal Driven Women (15 min)
STACY is a former teacher who had very limited income prior to Mary Kay. She loves that Mary Kay is purpose and goal driven, that it is a company that supports and empowers women, that the income along the career path is unlimited, that it's super fun, and that it offers a source of powerful friendships.
Jamie Taylor - College Student (20 min)
JAMIE started in college. She had low confidence when she started due to acne-prone skin. She knew nothing about makeup, she was afraid of public speaking, wasn't the sales type, thought Mary Kay was for older women, and had a huge fear of failure. Jamie loves the personal discount, part-time and full-time income potential, no quotas, prizes, cars, working with friends, and buy-back guarantee.
Kristen Christen retired her 25 year old husband 2 1/2 months after starting - 9 minutes
Auri Hatheway - 23 Minutes
AURI is from Florida and is a former actuary. Her goal was to own a home but her career didn't provide the income to buy a house. She is married with two young children. Auri didn't think Mary Kay would ever be for her. She's not the sales type and is a tomboy. Auri loves that Mary Kay can be a financial 'Plan B' that promotes personal growth, gives women more choices, teaches you to dream. She loves how you can make money, with virtually no risk.
Leah Lauchlan - 18 Minutes
LEAH was newly married and a new 3rd grade teacher when she started. She thought it was for older women and was very skeptical. Leah was very shy, a tomboy who hated public speaking. She was not the sales type and feared that she wouldn't be good. Now a mom of 4, she paid cash for her husband to go to law school. She loves the cars, part-time income potential, flexibility, job security, advancement opportunity, support system of positive women, travel, personal growth, recognition, and prizes.
Amy Kemp - Great for Moms & Working Women (16 min)
AMY's mom was a consultant. Amy is a former teacher, a busy wife and mom who wanted something more. Very much an introvert and major sports fan, Amy was not the sales type at all when she started Mary Kay. Amy started for the friendships, money, and personal challenges. She loves the confidence building, the unlimited income, the recognition, prizes, and travel.
Heidi Goelzer - 23 Minutes
HEIDI started in 1997 when she newly became a stay-at-home mom of two kids after being a teacher. She didn't know anything about skin care or makeup, and was afraid she would fail. She has moved around a lot but got to take her MK business with her everywhere. She is one of four sisters and all of them are in the top of Mary Kay along with her daughter! Heidi loves the statistics about US household finances, our company history, the income potential, why it's not a pyramid scheme, the cars, the massive retirement program, personal growth, the benefits for your kids, that Mary Kay is faith first/family second/career third!
Sonia Paez - en Espanol
ACERCA DE SONIA: Líder principal en Mary Kay, Ganador de varios millones de dólares, Productor principal, Líder en el mercado hispano
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