Bingothon Winter 2021 - Stream Tech Volunteer Application
Hello, and thank you for wanting to apply as Stream Tech for Bingothon Winter 2021! As a member of the tech team, you will have quite a high responsibility when it comes to ensuring that everything runs smoothly - and worry not, even if you have no experience, we will be guiding you through the process as you are accepted in the team, and there always will be other members of the team willing to help, so do not let that prevent you from applying!

Responsibilities that you will have as Stream Tech during Bingothon Winter 2021 include:

- Transitioning from one layout to another, such as for instance from run layout to intermission
- Starting and stopping the timer for each runs
- Ensuring that all runners' audio, as well as the stream's audio generally, is working properly
- Cropping the restream from runners if necessary
- Generally ensuring that things go smoothly, and being present to fix problems if - and when - they come
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Please write here your Discord tag, with the number attached (example: Pikastroff#4262) *
(Optional) Do you have any experience being in the tech team of another marathon? If so, how was it?
Do take into account that this is an online marathon, and work through NodeCG. However, it may still be interesting to know if you already worked in another marathon's tech team.
Final words
Please ensure that you have joined the Bingothon Discord server, which you may find at

Once you have applied, there is nothing else you need to do at the moment! An organizer will eventually contact you and give you the Stream-Tech role on the server. Once we get closer to the marathon, which is on the 26th of November, we will make sure to walk you through everything so that you can understand everything, and if you have any questions, this will be the perfect opportunity to ask them.

Something very important too is regarding scheduling your shifts. Once we get closer to the start, we will ask that you provide us your availability during the weekend of the marathon so that we can make a schedule that is as convenient as possible for you. The more accurate you can be with that information, the better it will be for the scheduling team - and you!

In any case, thank you very much for applying as a volunteer for Bingothon Winter 2021! If there is anything you would like to ask, do not hesitate to contact any of those that have the "Main Organizers" role on the Bingothon Discord server.
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