Community Group Application 2021 - Cheverly Community Market
All non-profit groups must provide the Market Manager with satisfactory proof of the organization's non-profit status or be recognized by the Town of Cheverly as having community group status, and of his or her position as a representative of the organization. If applying for fundraising/vending table, sale items must be approved in advance by the Market Manager and be in line with the mission of the Cheverly Community Market.
In order to best fulfill our purpose -- providing our neighbors an array of local, nutritious, high-quality food, as well as unique products from area vendors and entertainment by local artists and creating an atmosphere that fosters community, inclusivity and fun, while encouraging local businesses -- the Cheverly Community Market will have one fundraising/vending table available for the regular market table fee, per market, on a first come-first served application basis for non-profit and community groups. Additionally, there will be space set aside for two (or four in special cases), informational tables per market through pre-arrangement with the Market Manager, and meeting the criteria below. All community organizations and non-profit groups are expected to complete the Community Group Application at least one month prior to their requested participation date.
Cheverly Community Market recognizes the important opportunity that the Market provides for non-profit and community groups to convey their message. We also need to stay true to our mission and want to maintain the friendly open atmosphere of the Market. As a result, the Market Board has enacted the following policy:
Non-profit/Community groups must abide by these rules:
• Individuals or groups may not interfere with Market operations by aggressively soliciting

signatures, donations or attention. Any activities undertaken at the Market may not block

pedestrian traffic flow or access to assigned seller stall spaces.

• All individuals or groups must stay with their tables or displays. At no time may representatives

walk through the Market handing out information.

• Individuals or groups must accept the spaces assigned to them by the Market Manager.

• Each organization or individual appearing at an information table must prominently display its

name and bring its own tables and chairs.

• The Market retains the right to regulate the time, place and manner of activities relating to

displays, signs, posters, placards and other expressions of the interests represented. The use of

"fighting words", obscenities, grisly, or gruesome displays or highly inflammatory slogans likely to

provoke a disturbance may be prohibited by the Market Manager.

• No political campaigning is permitted at any time within Cheverly Community Market.
The Board of Directors has authorized the Market Manager to enforce the above rules. Violation could mean immediate or seasonal expulsion from the Market. Appearance at the Market does not constitute an endorsement from the Cheverly Community Market of any group, cause, or opinion.
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