DAWG Academy Training Assessment Form 2020
DAWG Academy offers one on one private sessions as well as group sessions covering all facets of dog training and specializing in Dog Behavior Modification. Our Multi Level and BCSPCA Animal Kind Certified trainers Bernadette or Linda will work with you, your family and your dog to improve the relationship and your dog's overall behaviour. With many years of experience in training dogs and people in a positive and humane manner, we promise that we can help you or there will be no charge for the session.

In a private setting, we can address all your questions and concerns and tailor the training to include dealing with behaviours that are just annoying, maybe disruptive or potentially dangerous. We encourage the entire family to get on board with your dog's training.

Learning and replacing unwanted habits for positive ones is not done in one session. In reality, learning is life long and always evolving! In most cases, 3 to 5 private sessions spread out over 3 to 8 weeks will give you a good start in a new way of helping your dog. The training information, videos and homework plus ongoing email support will give you a solid foundation of learning. Having the lessons approximately 2 weeks apart allows you to focus and work on the current exercises before your next lesson.

The initial questionnaire and answers are the basis of our learning program, so please fill it out as detailed as possible. There is no charge for reviewing your answers.


Pre-paid Base price fees for private one-on-one sessions at our Nanaimo or Cedar business location or virtual sessions through Zoom or other Electronic means, are charged by time: :

Behaviour Modification Lesson, per hour $100 ($105 tax in) (Minimum Charge one hour per session)
There will be a 10% discount for subsequent behaviour lessons.

Puppy Lesson
per 30 Minutes $45 ($47.25)

Dog Sports Lesson ***Only offered at our location(s)
per 30 Minutes $45 ($47.25)

Private one-on-one Sessions at our Nanaimo or Cedar location are at base price. If you would like to meet in your home or at another designated area or park, a travel fee of $20 applies for each session outside of our base locations but still within Nanaimo, Lantzville, Ladysmith and Cedar area. If you wish to meet outside of this area, the travel fee to your location is set at $20 plus $0.50 per kilometre.

Small Group classes are offered in the Nanaimo or Cedar location: Rally Obedience, Real Life program at the park, Good Manners program, Scent work, Agility, Trick Classes, ICU ( I See You) reactive dog class.

A waitlist is being taken for Treiball, Musical freestyle, Drafting.

***$100.00 ($105 tax in) for 4 weeks of group classes for Good Manners or Dog Sports activities
***$250.00 ( for 8 weeks of I See You ( ICU ) group sessions. These groups classes are specifically designed to help anxious, reactive, fearful or over excited dogs. ***** The ICU one on one private Behaviour modification sessions are available for booking. However, group sessions are on hold for this specific program due to COVID*****

Group Classes are once a week for 45 minutes plus homework. Online support is provided with written materials and video demos.
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