Cycle Alignment ™ By Design - 1:1 Mentorship Application

Dear beautiful cyclical Soul, I'm honoured and grateful that you have been guided here right now and are on the edge of true alignment and magic!

>> Are you a full body YES to finally rediscovering yourself? Then I invite you to fill out the application form below so I can get a high level overview of you and your current situation.

>> If you're not 100% committed just yet, then I invite you to complete this form and join me for a clarity call if spots are still available.

Please note, I don’t do forced, pressured sales. I do not try and convince you. I simply will guide you to tap into your intuition, self authority and embody your human design authority to support you in making a decision.


1. Please fill out the following Application with intention. There are 13 questions and may take up to 10-15 mins of your time.

2. I will review your application and get back to you via email in 72 hours on the status of your application and a link to book in your free clarity call (if spaces are still available) to see if you and the program are the right fit.

3. If you decide to join the mentorship, you will be asked to make a non refundable deposit to secure your spot for the next intake.


Disclaimer: To honour my own projector energy and be of the highest service, I choose to work with a very limited number of clients in my long term one-on-one programs. Please note, filling out this application does not mean you will receive a placement in this program. If spots are fully booked out, I will place you on the waitlist as first priority for the next client intake.

With Love & Gratitude,
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Do you have any planned holidays/vacations over the next 90 days? If so, please add the dates here: *
Your future vision | Where do you want to be and how do you want to feel in your cycle, energy healing, spiritual embodiment journey in 3-6 months from now? Bullet point any intentions. *
Your current situation | What are 1-3 main cycle and embodiment challenges you are experiencing? How does your cycle, emotional wellbeing, spiritual embodiment journey make you feel right now? * *
Desired support & guidance | What's stopping you from overcoming these challenges? What kind of cycle, emotional wellbeing, spiritual embodiment and/or support are you looking for to help you get there? *
What's your Why | Why do you want to align with your menstrual cycle, human design, chakras and divine cosmic blueprint? Be courageous and tell me your highest, grandest, heart felt desires and life dreams. Tell me what a "successful" souls purpose looks like and feels like to you. *
Your Human Design | Do you know your human design? What's your experience with it so far. *
Your Energy | Do you naturally resonate with more Yin/Feminine (go with the flow) or Yang/Masculine (planned, structured) energy in your life? *
Your Soul Connection | Describe the relationship you have with your higher self? Do you have a spiritual practice currently in place? *
Menstrual Cycle or Lunar Cycle Awareness | Rate your current level of cyclical and menstrual wellness knowledge. *
I don't know anything
I'm very knowledgeable
Program | Why are you applying and why do you think you are/ may be the right fit for this program? *
Time Commitment/Capacity | Do you have 3-5 hours per week to commit to this program? Is there anything else in your life that you invest a lot of time in? (ie. full time or part time job, kids). *
Vianney Leigh | How did you first find Vianney Leigh and why did you feel she may be the right guide for you? *
Are you 100% committed to go ahead with this program right now? *
If you answered 'Not just yet' in the last question, what exactly what you like to know further or discuss in our call? *
Anything else that would be helpful for me to know?
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