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We understand that it is important that you choose the right e-commerce solution. Therefore, we would like to educate and guide you throughout the decision making process. Choose the areas of e-commerce that interest you, and one of our professional representatives will contact you. Please keep in mind, the more information that you can provide us with, the more prepared we will be to answer your questions.

Thank you for choosing Technical Know-How, Inc.
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Do you have multiple options per item? For example: the same leather boots offered in black and brown.
Do you plan to match your shopping cart to your Web site, or use the shopping cart to develop your Web site?
Do you use a graphical Web development program such as DreamWeaver or DrumBeat?
Are you familiar with HTML?
Do you plan to use database interactivity?
How will you be doing credit card processing?
Do you have a merchant account that allows you to process credit card numbers without the card being present at the time of the sale?
Do you have or wish to have a security certificate installed on your site?
Do you have a Dunns & Bradstreet number (DUNS)?
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