EHS February Membership Sign Up Form

The Edison Youth Environmental Society (EYES) has many projects planned for this year and we're glad your interested in participating! Since our group is international but is headquartered in Edison, EHS members have a unique opportunity to utilize major leadership roles that require creativity and dedication. However, if you are more laid back and simply interested in accumulating volunteer hours, that's fine too. Last year, we gave out over 1000 hours for just the EHS Garden Project!

Some people feel that this form is long because it is 6 pages, but it goes by fairly quickly. While you fill it out, keep in mind to fill out AS MUCH information as you can. Your information (other than your name) will not be made public without your prior consent. Also, the end of the form asks for your opinions. You will NOT be judged on your selections; these questions are simply to help us plan out this years agenda and the role that would best suite you.

Thank you very much for your interest!