Volunteering to Help
This page has been created to help connect those that need help with those that can help and have been impacted by the recent flooding of May 29th, 2019. It was inspired and directed by a group of 30+ local residents, business owners and municipal leaders that met on June 6, 2019.

This group focused on these topics:

- Coordinating Volunteers and Services with those in Need of Assistance.
- Help with Clearing Out Debris and Flood Damage
- Help with Cleaning Up, Disinfecting and General Household Work
- Financial Assistance: Direct or Referred.
- Fundraising Efforts, to benefit individuals, businesses and community service and emergency responders
- Establishing and Improving Community-based (Non Governmental) Response Plans and Protocols.

The information you provide here will be sent to a group of community members, churches, local businesses that will help to coordinate resources and support. At the moment, the focus is to provide immediate relief to anyone in the area impacted by the flooding.

This information will only be retained until August 1, 2019. At which time, it will be determined how or if this community group will continue. Please complete the appropriate form below to submit your request, offer of support/volunteer or other information.

If you want to donate monies to assist in the cleanup, please see our Go Fund page.

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