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THANK YOU for signing-up to deliver our goods and services. By joining this project you are making an important difference in the lives of others. There are many who are currently experiencing food insecurity, and by doing whatever it is that you do best, you are helping fix that. Thank you.

Any questions please e-mail or call/text

Thank you!
-Coupon Collective team (Rhea Karty, Joel George, Jishnu Ghosh, Davin Martin)
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Please select the days of the week that you are generally available on. Please note that selecting a day does NOT mean you are "on-call" for those days or anything as such. We only want to know because it will make it easier for us to quickly find the right driver for the delivery. We will confirm with you before "assigning" you any deliveries. *
Please select the days of the week that you are generally not available on. *
Do you have anything you wish to specify about your availability? Will it change during a certain season, perhaps when a sport ends or something along those lines?
Some items, such as cakes lentils, are relatively fragile or prone to spilling. They require driving slowly and very safely. We also recommend that when delivering such items, you have someone else in the car to secure them. Do you feel comfortable delivering fragile items? *
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