Naz Spiritual Temperature Survey
Try to answer not according to your intentions but according to real life. "Honesty is the first step to holiness."
I read more than one chapter of the bible last week *
There's a legitimate desire in my heart for others to know Jesus *
I spent more than ten minutes in prayer yesterday *
I regularly invest my money in the Kingdom of God *
I've invited at least one person to Church in the past month *
I'm struggling with something I know I shouldn't be doing *
I'm committed to a Naz small group *
I'm committed to a serving role at the Naz (serving at least once a month) *
IF MARRIED: I prayed with my spouse last week
IF YOU HAVE CHILDREN IN YOUR HOME: I have a routine time of prayer and bible reading with my family
I'm over 18 years old *
Thank you, your honesty will help us grow as a Church.
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