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Email used to be fun. Sometimes I got an email, I responded to it and all was good. Now I get 100 emails a day and spent way too much time dealing with the dreaded email. At the same time email clients have hardly changed in the last 20 years. We now have HTML emails (unfortunately) and threading (thanks gmail!). But that’s about it. It’s time to reinvent this tool to bring it into this day and age. This is the goal of Project Inbox ZERO.

Imagine an inbox that isn’t cluttered with facebook notifications and newsletters, but only has “real” emails and the other messages are converted into what they actually are: notifications and newsletters. Do you ever find yourself scrolling back through emails trying to find someones phone number? What if your email client was smart enough to automatically collect and organize this information from your emails? How nice would it be if you had all relevant information at your fingertips when you received an email from someone: Some photos, their latest twitter updates, what social sites they are on and whether you have connected yet.

Are reply and forward really the only 2 things we do with emails? What about things like: “Turn into todo item”, “Snooze”, “Enter this invoice into my accounting system”, “Send a canned response”, “This email is way too long, please summerize”, etc, etc

We believe email clients are still stuck in the 80′s and it’s time to build an email client for this day and age. Let’s make email fun again! Sign up to be invited as a beta tester...

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