Identification of the Shipper/Exporter
This information is required for booking a shipment.   A booking is required prior to tendering cargo to a carrier.
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Quote Number *
If you received a written quote, please identify the quote number which will be a numeric format such as "190401-07".  If you did not receive a numbered rate or quote, please enter "N/A"
Email address *
Please enter the email address that you wish to receive your BOOKING SHEET & CARGO LABELS.
From: Complete name of shipper/exporter *
This is your name or your business name, not the name of the terminal or carrier.
From:  an ID number for the exporter *
It is a requirement of carriers and governing authorities that anyone responsible for shipping/exporting cargo have a valid ID.  Please use the ID number of the ID that you would use such as a drivers license, state issued ID or Passport.
Shipper Authorization - please enter complete name of shipper as it should appear on the Bill of Lading and other shipping documents *
As SHIPPER/EXPORTER named below, I am authorizing the the recipients of this information and/or their assignee's to perform those acts as described in their publicly listed Terms and Conditions of Transport/Service, which include but are not limited to acting as an Attorney in Fact for the issuance of  booking, and export or import documents that many be necessary for the transport of my cargo to agreed upon destination.   As evidence of my authorization I am entering my name below.
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